From Queensryche to Operation: Mindcrime, Geoff Tate is set to launch a music trilogy.

For over 30 years, Geoff Tate has a voice his fans can recognize immediately. Operation: Mindcrime is not just the title of a previous Queensryche album. It is also the name of the band he new band.

Tate discussed with National Rock Review about how The Key, set to be released this September, is only part one of an epic musical trilogy that initiates that very question within a web of international politics, the world economy, and social ethos.  With the first album set to be released, part 2 and 3 are done or almost complete. Geoff revealed that the open door collaborative style allowed a workflow that was not only productive but rewardingly creative.

The first video from The Key is already on YouTube. “Re-Inventing the Future” gives fans a first look into the story Geoff and his partners in crime will tell.

Interview with Geoff Tate:

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