Continuing to tour the UK, American post-hardcore group, Our Last Night, is hard at work making their dreams come true.

Our Last Night consists of Trevor Wentworth (vocals), Matthew Wentworth (guitar/vocals), Tim Molloy (drums), and of course, Alex “Woody” Woodrowand (bass).

Last year, the band released their latest album, Younger Dreams, featuring their hit singles “Home,” “A World Divided,” and “Road To The Throne.”

Our Last Night is unique because of their connection with their fans. Their single, “A World Divided,” is a song for people who fight every day to showcase their skin, and aren’t afraid to step out of bounds.

National Rock Review recently caught up with Woody to talk about how the band started, their latest album Younger Dreams, touring, their fans, and some musical influences.

NRR: Who or what influenced you to start a band?
Woody: All the bands we listened to ask kids really influenced us, bands like Taking Back Sunday, Finch, and Rage Against The Machine.
NRR: How’d you come up with your band’s name?
Woody: That was all Matt, we made a list of quite a few and then one day we went to school, and I remember him telling me he made a PureVolume page under the name Our Last Night. I remember thinking it was super emo sounding, but we’re best friends, so I was like hell yeah I’m in.
NRR: What influenced you to start and continue doing cover songs rather than just making original music?
Woody: We were at a point where our contract was almost finished and we weren’t sure if being in this band was the future for us. Then we talked with our now manager Curran Blevins, and he convinced us to try a cover out. We did Adele’s “Skyfall” and it went viral. That caught our attention and was the best form of marketing we ever had, so we decided to alter our idea of what being in a band looked like and create the success we had been looking for.
NRR: Your cover of One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” was a bold song choice to choose, what made you choose the song? Why’d you decide to have Matty Mullins be a part of it?
Woody: The vibes was perfect for our style and we knew it would be a good one to cover. We were in talks with him for a while about a collab; we were stoked to have him on it. He did a killer job.
NRR: With your latest album Younger Dreams you said, “We hope that these songs bring joy, tears, and inspiration to our fans.” Out of the responses you’ve gotten so far, do you think you’ve accomplished that?
Woody: 100% yes.
NRR: What’s your favorite song off Younger Dreams and why?
Woody: Personally love playing “Prisoners” and “White Tiger.” The energy from the crowd in “Prisoners” is awesome every time we play it and “White Tiger” is a ballad that is super fun to play.

NRR: You’re about to go on the Limitless World Tour in the U.K, what’s it like touring outside the U.S.? Anything specific come to mind?
Woody: Quite a few things actually, anything from our fans lighting off flares during our song “Same Old War” at an indoor venue in Russia to our entire French fan base holding up signs that say “Merci” when we played “Sunrise” this past trip. Insane amounts of love and energy surround us each time we play in Europe, the number of kids and amount of energy is incomparable.

NRR: While writing music for Younger Dreams, was there anything you did before or during the process to stay focused? Or do you tend to have ideas at random times throughout your day?
Woody: We find inspiration from tons of things, life events, documentaries, conversations, listening to music. Can’t say there is one specific thing but a culmination of quite a few. Coffee helps.

NRR: Is there anything that you feel makes Our Last Night unique when it comes to your live shows?
Woody: Yes, we work hard to create the most unique and intimate experience we can for our fans, whether that’s eye contact or high fives we do our best make our fans know that we are there for them and we love them during our shows. When it comes down to it we wouldn’t be up there without them.

NRR: You’ve been a band for over 10 years now, what are some things you learned as a band throughout your journey so far?
Woody: Could write a book on everything we’ve learned, one thing that comes to mind… when you get signed as a band; it’s easy to think you did it, and everything will be easy. That is naive and the opposite of reality, being signed just means you have a team of people you must light a fire under their asses, stay up on them and keep it burning in order get things done the way you want them. Oh and if you really want something done right, do it yourself.

NRR: What are some of the most rewarding things a fan has told you when it came to your music? (If any, or multiple fans)
Woody: That our music saved their life. I like hearing this because it provides the opportunity to remind them that they saved themselves and were just walking with them. Everyone needs a reminder they are the ones empowered in their life. We are honored that our music is powerful enough to provide the tune for our fans’ personal journeys.
NRR: Do you have any advice for your fans who want to pursue a career in the music industry?
Woody: Create a product you are proud of and create the highest quality music and video you can. Learn the craft inside and out, learn to create everything yourself and you will be able to create consistent content. Do it because you love it and remember to have fun.

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Check out their cover of “Drag Me Down” below:

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