Gemini Syndrome is taking back the Rock/Metal industry and returning it to the rightful owners, the fans.

I had the privilege to sit down with Gemini Syndrome front man and all around nice guy Aaron Nordstrom for a few minutes before their headlining set at Aftershock in Kansas City, Kansas.

Aaron Nordstrom is a impressive and inspiring soul, he’s enlightening and has depth in his thoughts. For a frontman with such a strong stage presence, Nordstrom is soft spoken and down to earth.

We spoke about Gemini Syndrome’s album LUX and what touring life is like. We also talked about playing huge music festivals like, Rocklahoma, Rock on the Range, and Dirt Fest. When will the next album will be released, touring with Sevendust and his musical influences.

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From the first time Casey played one of his mom's old records on her pioneer turntable, he knew what he wanted to be, a rock star. Everything changed after seeing his first concert, Def Leopard back in the 80's. It is one thing to listen to a great song on the radio, but to see a great performer on stage performing that same song is what he loves. His life long passion for live music has intersected with a more recent passion of photography to once again change everything by introducing him to the world of concert photography. Getting a great shot of an amazing performance and seeing the reactions to a photograph can be exhilarating. Being a concert photographer can be chaotic, exciting, high energy, obstacle ridden, right in the mix place to be while trying to concentrate on getting great band interaction and emotion.

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