Backlogs are never good. But, for all of you Darksiderz fans, we give you an early present for the holiday season. Onward Donner and Blitzen!

When The Other Side Tour came through town, Darksiderz was one of the acts there in support of New Years Day. National Rock Review managed to catch up with Aaron NecroFlesh and throw some questions at him. Now, keep in mind, with any day in music, not everything will be picture perfect. The same goes with interviews and damn noisy ice machines! While we must apologize for the audio quality in the video below, we felt the interview was still good enough to put out there with as much fixing, cursing, and praying to the video gods for a better feed as we could.

We talked about his projects going on right now. One of those is the side project with Joe Letz of Combichrist, called Fake Friends. The first single was released about a month ago and the video for the song was released on PornHub. We also hit on a few other topics before the exhaustion was too much on Aaron’s face to ignore. Let us know what you thought about the interview, Aaron’s main project Darksiderz, or even what you thought about his side gig with Joe.

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