From sinner to saint, Paul Ridley talks about his band, Saint Ridley, and more.

Paul Ridley is a man of transformation. Losing weight equivalent to that of an NFL linebacker, living the hard rock life and owning a recording studio. While few can claim they died and came back to life, he is one such artist. Opting for weight loss surgery, Ridley died and was brought back to life twice in the operating room. In the meantime, his personal world fell apart. The song “Black Sheep” from the album Fool Or King reveals his honesty about personal demons and how they affected his family. In his interview with National Rock Review, he admits why he will never perform that song live again.

“Who I Am,” also from Fool or King shows how he found salvation from the fire of his demons. He discovered his rich family history has a Saint Ridley as an ancestor. The first Saint Ridley was burned at the stake. One of the first martyrs of the Anglican Church. The irony is not lost on Paul. Ridley and a long lost ancestor both suffered through literal or figurative fires in their lives. He wrote a song about that too. “Death by Design” (available on the Tour exclusive CD) hints at the pride he has of not only his band but the first Saint Ridley.

Fans looking for more social media web-based connections will have to wait, but not for long. Saint Ridley focused more on music, performance, and getting on tour. In the meantime, their Facebook page serves as a conduit for the band and their fans.

Interview with Paul Ridley of Saint Ridley:

Saint Ridley

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