Zakk Sabbath’s spin on Black Sabbath is nothing short of Eargasmic.

After twenty plus years of standing stage left of Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde has solidified the Black Sabbath sound. Now Wylde has taken that sound and made it his own, in the form of Zakk Sabbath. With humble beginnings, playing a few successful, one-off shows, on California’s famed Sunset Strip, Wylde and company decided it was time to take the show on the road.  Providing the rhythmic thunder that accompanies Wylde’s fiery guitar licks are music industry vets, Bassist Rob “Blasko” Nicholson, and Drummer Joey Castillo.

Seeing Zakk Sabbath at the FUBAR in St. Louis, suggested what it may have been like, when Black Sabbath started out, playing small clubs in England. Hot, sweaty, and packed are the three words that come to mind when describing this venue. In fact, so packed, the audience was asked, by Zakk’s crew, and security personnel to take a couple steps back, just to get the guitar god in the front door. The lights dimmed, and the familiar thunderstorm, that opens Black Sabbath’s album of the same name, blasts through Fubar’s house PA.

A slight technical delay held up the band’s entrance but never fear, Zakk is here. The bone crushing, “Supernaut” quickly establishes, that Wylde’s assembled trio, will have little difficulty handling all things Sabbath. The band’s setlist dives a bit deeper into the Sabbath catalog, knocking the dust off classics such as, “A National Acrobat” and “Into the Void”. Wylde’s rapid-fire solos, put an extra emphasis on what Osbourne, Butler, and Iommi started, some 50 years ago. Cheers and devil horns went up mid-set, as Wylde gave a nod to the late, Chris Cornell, playing a snippet of Soundgarden’s, “Outshined”.  

With both sweat and booze flowing freely, the St. Louis Zakk Sabbath Chapter sang along, loud and proud with the familiar lyrics of, “N.I.B.” and “Fairies Wear Boots”.  Polishing off the night, Zakk Sabbath delivers the final blow with a mighty version of, “War Pigs”. At one point during the night, Wylde asks the crowd, “Can you dig it?” The answer is an overwhelming, “yes we can.”

Zakk Sabbath
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Event Date: 28-May-2017