A Perfect Circle illuminates the darkest hours with a cold and unblinking eye focused on our potential dystopia at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.

For many of us, a concert is an escape. The music takes us away from the world we live in and transports us into the mind of the artist. Within the ornate setting of the Fox Theatre in Detroit, A Perfect Circle uses their music to reveal a world of dissolution. At the concert, they give the audience the opportunity to embrace the disquiet and make peace.

The evening begins with The Beta Machine. The band includes Claire Acey (vocals, keyboards), Nick Perez (guitars, keyboards), Matt McJunkins (bass, vocals, keyboards), and Jeff Friedl (drums). Matt and Jeff may sound familiar as their rhythm powers A Perfect Circle as well as a host of other bands.

The music of The Beta Machine is heavy with electronics, but the key focal point lies in the vocals. Acey and McJunkins trade duties using their voices to cast the rich melodies enfolding the music. The low lights and simple stage allow the music to breath without artificial life support.

A vast screen shrouds the entire stage as lights cast larger than life shadows of the members of A Perfect Circle. The shadows of rock stars dance to the coy and devious opening of “The Package”. When the song explodes with the crunching guitars of Billy Howerdel and James Iha, the curtain drops revealing the band through pulses of light. Maynard James Keenan is a neutron star trapped in the shadows of negative space as the band plays on.

As their music is not typical rock music, their show is not a typical rock show. The performance is less about the artists making the music and more about the songs themselves. The light show plays with the shadows of “By and Down” while illuminating songs such as “Thomas” and “Blue”. The emotions of struggling to be seen are conjured by searchlights spinning to the All Main Courses Mix of “3 Libras”. The use of light and color adds to the multidimensional nature of A Perfect Circle.

It has been 6 years since Detroit has seen A Perfect Circle. The elation of the crowd for this band is electric. Maynard promises new music from the band in 2018 as well as a return visit to the city. For a taste of things to come, A Perfect Circle shares their new single “The Doomed”. In a final salute to the world, we inhabit today, the band finishes their set with “The Outsider”. Each member of the band graciously bows for the cheering crowd to end an outstanding concert.

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Event Date: 21-NOV-2017

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