Wolf and the Crane treat a full house at the Cadieux Café to an enticing night of rock, rhythm, and blues.

13-Aug-2016: The historic Cadieux Café tucked away on Detroit’s east side was the intimate setting for a full set of original music by Wolf and the Crane. The band comprises some of the finest musicians in Detroit from bands like Nina and the Buffalo Riders, The Infatuations, and Jibs Brown and the Jambros. These immensely talented individuals have prepared a banquet of delicious music for the packed house to feast.

Getting the night jumping is Six and the Sevens whose music immediately has people moving. The 60s pop vibe is strong with rich vocal harmonies, three guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums combining to create high-spirited music. The group is visually entertaining, letting the music move them and encouraging the audience to join them. Six and the Sevens are a great band to get the show rolling.

While the show marks the unveiling of Wolf and the Crane’s original music, the band’s first performance paid tribute to Wilson Pickett at the Detroit X Detroit back in February. It’s easy to discern how legends such as Pickett, Booker T., Eddie Floyd, and just about the entire Stax Records catalog formed their soulful backbone.

Beaming with joy, Wolf and the Crane is having a blast on stage playing music they love. The feeling is infectious and the audience clings to each note while music washes over them. Jibs Brown pulls fans even closer with his simmering vocals. Wolf on bass and Katelynn Coril on drums keep this soul train running at full steam and locked in the groove.

The saxophone of William Cyprian and trombone of Daniel Romberger fill the air with bright notes of passion blending into rousing harmony. Adding bold strokes of color with brilliant phrasing and heart-wrenching licks, the guitars of Ryan Meadows and Nick St. Onge brim with warm southern blues.

Together this band cooks up a savory musical stew that warms the belly like a shot of whiskey. The audience loves every song and feeds the band’s enthusiasm. This fabulous night of music quickly comes to an end. Keep an eye out for Wolf and the Crane, as this band will set your soul on fire.

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