Whitesnake slides in to Sterling Heights, Michigan with a triumphant arena rock show along with Ireland’s The Answer.

Few rock bands can maintain a degree of success after almost four decades of rocking and rolling. Whitesnake is one of those bands who continue to stand the test of time as proven with a rousing summer evening show in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

This current tour comes on the heels of their recent release of Purple which consists of thirteen Deep Purple songs covered by David Coverdale and his current band lineup marking his period of time in the band.

The opening act The Answer from Dublin, Ireland were certainly the perfect band to kick off the show. Energetic, engaging and full of raw power, they were the catalyst to set the pace for the night. This was their first US tour in over six years, which found them supporting their most recent release Raise A Little Hell.

Coverdale and crew definitely prove that rock is far from dead and that you don’t need gimmicks, flames and stage props to deliver a solid night of music entertainment.

Kicking off with, “I Am What I Am” they easily had the crowds rapt attention thirty seconds in to their set. Vocalist Cormac Neeson is unrelenting on stage as he dances wildly in between verses. Guitarist Paul Mahon and bassist Michael Waters round out the front line with their own fiery energy while drummer James Heatley is a whirlwind of pounding percussion.

As they concluded their set with the flagship song “Raise A Little Hell” Neeson engaged in some audience participation and delved in to the crowd encouraging a mass sing-a-long session. The Answer certainly left no question as to who they were at the end of their set.

Whitesnake took to the stage with the audience fully primed to rock n’ roll. Whitesnake has proven time and again arena style rock shows are far from gone and this night was a rambunctious dive in to that era of concerts. The set-list for the evening mixed both Whitesnake and Deep Purple songs throughout the night.

The band opened with “Burn” setting the crowd on fire as they took the stage. Songs spanning their decades of music included “Slide It In,” “Love Ain’t No Stranger,” “The Gypsy,” and others. A mid-set break after “Forevermore” brought guitarists Joel Hoekstra and Reb Beach out for guitar solos that stretched into the night air before the band segued into “Mistreated.”

Tommy Aldridge broke up the set again shortly after “You Fool No One” with an impressive marathon drum solo that you rarely see on tours these days. Closing out the night with “Is This Love,” “Bad Boys,” and the ever popular anthem “Here I Go Again,” they took a quick break before returning with the encore “Still Of The Night.”

David Coverdale has always been a strong live performer. Flinging the mic stand around his body like a twig he fully engages the crowd with a domineering smile, eyes glittering as he captivated the adoring ladies in the crowd. Hoekstra is the most recent addition to the roster and a perfect fit with his axe skills. Beach, who has been in the lineup since early 2000, pairs well with Hoesktra as they both played off each other styles. Veteran drummer Aldridge has been in and out of the band since the late 80s, never missed a beat through the night. Rounding out the more than capable lineup was Italian keyboardist Michele Luppi who brought the Deep Purple songs to life with his skills.

Coverdale and crew definitely prove that rock is far from dead and that you don’t need gimmicks, flames and stage props to deliver a solid night of music entertainment. It was evident from the demographic make up of the audience that their music still carries weight across generations as younger fans mingled with the older rockers in the crowd, most of them notably singing along word for word. Don’t let this tour slide by you when they come to town. Get up, get out and get those fists pumping in a celebration of one of rock’s greatest legends.

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