We Are Harlot kicks off their tour in Phoenix, Arizona after a successful release of their single, “Dancing on Nails.”

Former Asking Alexandria’s frontman Danny Worsnop and his new band, We Are Harlot, stopped by Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix last week to kick-start their tour with their fast guitar riffs and sharp vocals. The band is currently touring in support of their recently released self-titled debut album on Roadrunner Records. The We Are Harlot album has performed well, peaking at 58 in the UK and 165 in the US.

We Are Harlot is definitely a band to be seen live. Worsnop, as always, proved himself a more than adept as a frontman commanding the audience attention and engaging them at will. And any question about the change in the sound of his voice over the years yields just one answer; Worsnop can deliver. The band as a whole had chemistry and gave fans an energetic performance. It is unlikely anyone left disappointed.

The set list contained “Atmospheres,” “Denial,” “Easier To Leave,” “Dirty Little Thing,” “Someday,” “Never Turn Back,” “The One,” “Dancing on Nails,” and Queen cover, “Tie Your Mother Down” and then finishing off the set with “One More Night.”

The tour continues with We Are Harlot playing dates across the US, now through the end of May. Following the last US show on May 31 in Dallas, the band departs for Europe where they will play 13 shows during the month of June.

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