Named for a small town in Michigan, hard rockers Wayland hit the stage in their stomping grounds of Grand Rapids to a packed house local fans eager to see their hometown heroes.

On April 5, 2014, the Intersection hosted one of their biggest nights of the year with a local band turned national recording artist. Wayland marked their return to Grand Rapids to sell out the club and reassure the town they remember their roots.

Wayland has played in and around the Grand Rapids area for the last several years.  It didn’t take long for them to be picked up by local rock station WGRD and The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show.  Their songs have been played on WGRD and they continue to be big supporters of the band.  Songs like Shopping For a Savior, Fire Down Below, and Welcome to My Head have all been heard on the station. They now tour nationally and their songs continue to spread across the country.

The four members of Wayland, lead singer Mitch Arnold, Phillip Vilenski on lead guitar, Dean Pizazz on bass, and Tyler Coburn on drums,  make up a tight musical team.  Arnold and Vilenski write most of the songs for the band. Their songs are well crafted and beautifully put together.

The show Saturday included Devin and the Dead Frets, Jim Shaneberger, The After Effect, and Uncommon Road. These are all amazing bands from Michigan who have worked hard in the music business and put on a great night of music for their fans! Each act was unique in their own way.

This show was a fundraiser for the  A-T Childrens Project.  Fans could purchase a special ticket to go up on stage for one song.  A certain amount would be donated from the ticket they purchased. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time these extraordinary men lend a hand in helping others!

The show was full of energy! The band was excited to see their families, friends, and fans.  They sang a long set of old and new songs like Shopping for a Savior,  She Lights It Up, Reno, and Get a Little, along with a cover of Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls.  They shared some of their newest songs like, Bloody Sunrise, Meet Me in Chicago, and a beautiful love song called Follow.  

After an amazing high energy show,  Mitch Arnold always takes a moment to thank everyone in the audience and remind us that Wayland will always be ‘our’ hometown band.

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About The Author

   Cheryl is currently living in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Music has always been a big part of her life. Located between Detroit and Chicago there are always many opportunities to attend great shows. It became clear after a few opportunities to do interviews and take photos that set Cheryl on the road to a new career. In the last four years she has attended countless shows in all types of arenas. She loves the music and the excitement of each and every show and it keeps her coming back or more.    

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