Radio Radio hosted Vintage Trouble as they rolled into Indianapolis with the outstanding blend of blues and rock.

This small club boasts a great sound in a swanky little venue. The crowd was up close and personal as Vintage Trouble brought their high energy show to the Fountain Square area and the crowd brought their dancing shoes. It is highly improbable that you would see Vintage Trouble live and not dance. These guys have it all.

Ty Taylor has the most wonderfully smooth and powerful voice. From the upbeat and rocky songs like “Blues Hand Down,” to the soft and sweet “Gracefully,” to the sexy and gritty “Total Strangers,” Ty makes it work. His energy onstage is amazing and he puts on quite a show for the crowd. To add to the mix, Nalle Colt has hard driven guitar lines bringing you right into each song, full of heart. Rick Barrio Dill delivers the sexy and dirty bass line making you move your hips and carry the soul of the songs. Finally, Richard Danielson on drums adds the flavor as he never stops moving and grooving while he’s throwing down the beat.

Vintage Trouble in one word is addicting. Their music is a retro mix of old school blues with a rock n’ roll celebration. Their performance was energetic and vibrant, they truly embody music. Vintage Trouble has the best live performance, their intoxicating energy shows an obvious love for their craft.

The passion on their faces for performing music is apparent and draws you in. Each one of these musicians are able to bring the music down to a primal level that connects with each member of the crowd. There is a feeling you have been consumed by the music and have been a part of something bigger, something special.

You owe it to yourself to find a Vintage Trouble show and attend. You will not leave a Vintage Trouble performance without a smile on your face, songs in your head, and rhythm in your hips. Vintage Trouble has the unique ability to make you fall in love with music and find passion for the gritty dirty soulful bluesy rock they share with the world. These boys have heart, talent and the ability to transform crowds.

Vintage Trouble played two shows which are captured here: Radio Radio in Indianapolis, IN on Sept 09, 2014 and the Thompson House in Newport, KY on Sept 11, 2014.

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