The annual summer tour returns to Eastern Ohio for a day of great bands including Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Sleeping With Sirens, and more.

20-July-2016: The first cheers began when gates opened at 10 am. Fans sprinted to find out their favorite bands’ set times and rushed to the stages.

For this year Vans Warped Tour added a second Monster Energy Stage dubbed the “Monster Energy Party Zone” featuring the metal side of the tour. Fans flocked to the stage for some early morning metal at 11 am with Whitechapel on the North Monster Energy Stage. Vocalist Phil Bozeman apologized to the huge morning crowd about his hoarse voice, but still was able to provide an excellent morning performance.

Other fans made their way to the Cyclopes stage to see a young rising band called Against The Current. The three-piece group made a name for themselves by gaining 600,000 Facebook likes, world tours, and their debut album In Our Bones released May 20. Lead singer Chrissy Costanza energized the crowd while singing their opening song “Running With The Wild Things.” Despite the album’s recent release, fans sang the lyrics back to Costanza. The band went on to perform other favorite songs from their debut album like “Runaway” and “Wasteland.” They capped off an overall outstanding set, and fans should expect big things from this band.

By early afternoon, the sun was as hot as the crowds were sweaty. Have no fear; Vans Warped Tour takes great care of their fans providing free rehydration stations and various medical tents. The National Rock Review team took advantage of it and suggest you do too. So, drink up!

The day continued as fans gathered to watch Warped Tour veterans New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, Good Charlotte, and more. But five-year veterans Sleeping With Sirens drew one of the biggest crowds of the day. The energy they bring makes it hard to avoid. Lead singer Kellen Quinn vocals were extremely powerful as his range was just breathtaking. The band had one of the best performances of the day and left the crowd buzzing.

Many bands began their careers and gained popularity because of Warped Tour like From Ashes To New. Both bands recently released their debut album and expanding their fanbase. Many crowded their stages not knowing what to expect, but were blown away once they opened with “Downfall.” The band takes music to a whole new level with their rap-rock mix and high-energy stage presence.

Newcomers Cane Hill, on-the-other-hand, has more of a hard rock sound. The band has a sound similar to Slipknot and Marilyn Manson present in their debut album Smile. Though the sound of music is different from From Ashes To New, they both bring that intense energy to the stage.

With 60+ bands on the tour, it is more than likely your two favorite bands would be playing at the same time. Most fans had trouble choosing between childhood punk legends Atreyu and Sum 41.The bands may have different sounds as Atreyu is heavier than Sum 41 but both groups killed their performance and had the split crowds going insane.

As the day winded down, there was one band that many came to see — Bullet For My Valentine. It was the band’s first time back on the road in the last ten years but made it to Warped Tour for a quick four stops. BMTH came out to their most popular song of their latest album, Venom, called “No Way Out” causing circle pits going from the get-go. With just a 30-minute set and so many great songs, the band chose a great set.

Bullet pushed the new material aside for the night and focused on their classics like “4 Words,” “The Last Fight,” and “Tears Don’t Fall.” The band had fans go by far the craziest throughout the day, and just when you thought things could not get any more crazy, they close the night out with “Waking The Demon.”

And thus concluded Warped Tour 2016. Warped knows exactly how to treat their fans to an excellent summer show. Be sure to catch some of these awesome bands live this summer because there’s so much great music to hear. Warped Tour 2017 has a lot to live up to!

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