The Sandy Hut was host to the “VD Massacre” show, which both could mean Valentine’s Day or venereal disease depending on your sense of humor.

The crowd was roused from the bar and to the stage as five-years-running (with a few line-up changes) band 86 commenced the evening. Their sound was hard, fast, loud, and full of punker’s who knew their instruments well. A few heavy breakdowns, good musicianship, and a hellacious stage presence are what this band is made of.

Many local fans of punk and rock-and-roll, young and old, and even those who don’t generally go to punk shows are easily enthralled and susceptible to the all-encompassing Raw Dog and the Close Calls. Kyle Page on guitar and Paul Calhoun on bass equally front the band and Seth Troublefield is the glue keeping it all together on drums. Page produces guitar riffs obviously influenced by Motorhead and bands akin; these guys really have their act together and roll from one song to the next. In accordance with the VD themed evening, they played a new song titled, “The Realm of Coitus,” a ballad that takes you on a journey to a land where condoms are illegal. The rest of their beloved songs, including, “Sex, Grease, Booze, and Strangling Old People,” “Animosity,” and “Blind Society” sounded better than ever.

The fan base of the The Mormon Trannys, also known as “faithful swallowers,” were called in for a servicing from “the church of latter day skanks;” you can probably imagine just how full of puns and theatrics their shows are composed. The group consists of “The Prophet Josephina Smith” on lead vocals and bass, “Elder Bring ‘Em Hung” on guitar and backing vocals, and “Elder Tits Romney” on drums. They dress precisely as the name sounds: white button up shirts with name-badges, brightly colored wigs, bicycle helmets, make-up, skirts, and fishnets.

Preaching the support and rights of the LGBTQ community with song titles such as, “Don’t Be a Slave to Your Gender,” “Under The Boner of Heaven,” and “Fag Basher Beat Down,” The Mormon Trannys are the real deal when it comes to addressing one of the most talked about social issues to date… LGBTQ equality. If you’re lucky, The Prophet Josephina Smith may pick you to wear the coveted dildo-attached helmet as you circle the pit. The song they chose for the Valentine’s show was “I Hate Love Songs” by Gwar. On top of all of that, all three are incredibly talented musicians.

Shitty Weekend finished off the night with their dissonant punk. Singer Andrew Link (who is also in The Taxpayers) spewed spastic vocals full of sarcasm and shrill, at one point pogoing solo in the audience, which had dispersed at this point.

The rest of the band is made up of Stefan Thompson screeching on the guitar, Kirk Fatland adding sincerity on bass, and Noah Phillips wailing on the drums. They ended their set with “Love Is Stabbing A Cop,” in which Link said, “if you’re gonna love me, then you’re gonna stab a cop.”

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