Highlights of Week 19 included Eric Dover, Billy Sheehan, Rafael Moreira, and Ray Luzier playing “Hot For Teacher,” during an all-Van Halen set.

Every Ultimate Jam Night is more epic than the last one, and week 19 was no exception. The first set featured Tomasina Abate singing “Dream,” Yolanda Thomas rocking the joint on “Shook Me All Night Long,” and Rafael Moreira stepping behind the mic for vocals on “Bring it on Home,” and “The Wizard.” But nothing prepared the audience for CJ Emmons from Dancing with the Stars‘ five octave vocal range and ferocious performance of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy,” which was then followed by dUg Pinnick returning to Ultimate Jam Night with “Jailbreak.”

The second set was all Van Halen. Jeff Scott Soto took the lead on “Beautiful Girls,” and was joined by Phil X for “And the Cradle Will Rock,” and “Unchained.”

Then Marq Torien of Bullet Boys took the stage for a wild performance of “Eruption.” The fabulous Debby Holiday once again graced the stage with her gorgeous voice on “Dreams,” which was followed by Kacee Clanton singing “Mean Street.”

Eric Dover was up next, and he was a whirlwind of energy on “I’m the One,” while Carl Restivo took over on vocals for “Little Guitars,” with Brendan Small on guitar.

Matt Starr took the stage next with the Okai Sisters for “Ain’t Talking About Love,” and then, the absolute high point of the night occurred, with Billy Sheehan, Ray Luzier, and Rafael Moreira joining Eric Dover for “Hot for Teacher.” Eric Dover is a true rockstar, and his performance was just incredible, full of leaps and twirls and rockstar swagger.

The final set of the night started off with Ann Boleyn, Ira Black, Scott Warren, and Simon Wright on “Mob Rules,” and “Rainbow in the Dark.”

Following that, Roy Z was joined on stage by Dave ‘Chili’ Moreno and Tanya O’Callahan for “Voodoo Child.”

Cherokee Fortune  took a turn with “Whole Lotta Love,” and then Mike Albert from Megadeath joined Neil Turbin for “Burn.” This was followed by Walter Ino from Survivor and Trev Lukather on “Surrender.”

The evening ended on a high note with the house band, Chuck Wright, Mitch Perry, Matt Starr, Steve Ferlazzo, and Paulie Z. on vocals, performing Van Halen’s “Jump.” with some pretty amazing leaps from Paulie Z.

Can’t wait to see how they top this next week.

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