It may well be Wednesday, or hump day if you so prefer, but tonight the North East of England has a case of Saturday Night Fever as the Geordies brace themselves for the arrival of disco rockers Tragedy.

Tragedy is a theatrical New York City outfit, whose aim is to fuse 70’s disco pop with full blown hard rock and heavy metal. The band are billed as ‘an all metal tribute to The Bee Gees’, although their repertoire covers so much more than that. To get the full picture, try imagining if Black Sabbath had been formed in Studio 54 instead of Birmingham, then you might come somewhere close.

Tonight the band perform to a packed out crowd of intrigued metallers. They give what they affectionally refer to as ‘Newcastle upon Tyne city’ a taste of their latest release The Joy of Sex.

Tragedy takes to the stage led by their fearless sidekick Lance to the sound of sirens screeching through the venue. The band are each donning outfits embellished with sequins and glitter, and all of the glitz that would come with a 70’s glam rock band. Brandishing their Flying V’s they open the show with the likes of “Funkytown”, which has a sound that is reminiscent of Sabbath’s “War Pigs”, and a pelvic thrusting rendition of “Grease”.

Throughout the course of the evening, the band’s towel boy Lance is a constant source of hilarity. He eagerly mops his bandmates brow between songs, whether they like it or not. At other times this mischevious character is either projecting confetti at the unsuspecting front row, dancing around the stage with his glow sticks or fooling about with a blow-up doll.

The most interesting track of the night has to be “It’s Raining Men”. However, don’t be fooled by the title, this is not your regular Weather Girls number, but rather “It’s Reigning Men”. The band have somehow managed to mash together Slayer’s “Reigning Blood” and The Weather Girls disco hit, and rather surprisingly it seems to work.

As the band bring their main set to a close, they break into a trio of Beegee’s hits including “How Deep Is Your Love”, “We Should Be Dancing” and “Staying Alive”, which in turn is executed at breakneck speed.

Lance further provides the entertainment as Tragedy leaves the stage, warming the audience up for a duly deserved encore with a blistering faux guitar solo on his miniature three string Flying V. As the band return to the stage, they invite many of the female members of the audience onstage to join them for the final few numbers, which culminates in the funky “KC/DC and The Sunshine Band”.

With Tragedy there is a real feel-good vibe from the off, you can’t help yourself but smile. The band bring with them a bountiful amount of onstage banter and laughs a plenty, coupled with their refreshing approach to hard rock and metal music – miss them at your peril.

Tragedy: An All Metal Tribute To The Beegees
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Event Date: 01-MAR-2017

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Adam Kennedy is an experienced music photographer based in northeast England. He has been shooting concerts for several years, predominantly with the band Vintage Trouble. In 2013, he was one of their tour photographers, covering the UK and Ireland tour including the headline shows and as opening act for The Who. As an accomplished concert photographer, Adam's work has been featured in print such as, Classic Rock Blues Magazine, Guitarist Magazine, Blues in Britain magazine, broadcast on the MDA Telethon on ABC Television in the US, used in billboard advertising for Renaissance Hotels in the US, and featured online via music blogs such as Uber Rock and Guitar Planet. He is also the official photographer at Newcastle Rock and Blues Club.

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