The former frontman for 1980’s hair metal band, Cinderella, brought his new material and old school classics to an intimate show in the Big Apple.

Tom Keifer is currently on tour promoting his first solo album, The Way Life Goes, which was released on April 30th of last year. Tom Keifer didn’t hit the stage till about 8 or so, but I showed up to the venue early and already there were many people outside lined up waiting in hopes of meeting him. The venue was packed and very crowded. It actually got even more crowded once Keifer took the stage.

The show opened with “Night Songs,” the title track from Cinderella’s debut album. The vocals sounded incredible and Keifer was at his best since his vocal chord problems of a few years ago. Listening to him sing you would never have guessed that he went through such an ordeal. He has suffered from nodules on his vocal chords, as well as paralysis of the left cord. He  previously had multiple surgeries to remove the nodules and even had to relearn how to sing. Well, there were no signs of wear and tear, he sounded like the classic Tom. That raspy, gritty, voice that we all have come to love was still there and just as powerful as ever.

Another highlight from the show was when Tom invited his lovely wife, Savannah Snow, to come on stage and perform a duet on the song “Ask Me Yesterday” as well as the Cinderella classic “Don’t Know What You Got (Til It’s Gone).” These were both great performances,  gave us a glimpse into his personal life allowing fans to see a different side of him. The looks and smiles he and his wife shared were priceless.

“Shelter Me” closed the nearly 75 minute set receiving a massive reaction from the crowd. Afterwards he performed an encore covering “A Little Help From My Friends” from the Beatles and “Gypsy Road” from Cinderella’s album Long Cold Winter.

All in all it was a great night with many fans in the audience singing along to every song or chanting his name with their fists in the air.

On a personal level, this was my first time seeing Keifer live in concert. I have watched his videos and listened to his CD’s and was blown away by his soulful and honest voice. There is something so sincere about his music … rock/blues done right and stripped down without any added fixtures. During the show, Keifer took the time to thank all of his fans for coming out and for sticking by him.

Tom Keifer has stated many times in interviews, when speaking about his vocal chord problems, how it was a difficult moment in his life and how he felt “naked” without his guitar, but he’s definitely back now. He truly is an inspiration in his determination and focus, his commitment to stay true to one’s self, and above all not giving up on your passion.

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Tom Keifer official music video “Solid Ground”

1. Night Songs
2. It’s Not Enough
3. A Different Light
4. Somebody Save Me
5. Shake Me
6. Heartbreak Station
7. The Flower Song
8. Ask Me Yesterday
9. Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)
10. Nobody’s Fool
11. Solid Ground
12. Cold Day In Hell
13. Coming Home
14. Shelter Me
15. With A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles Cover)
16. Gypsy Road

Remaining Tour Dates:

Aug 29 Sugar Loaf Theater Sugar Loaf, NY
Aug 30 Woodstock Fair Woodstock, CT
Aug 31 Tupelo Music Hall Londonderry, NH
Sep 04 the venue nightclub South Burlington, VT
Sep 05 The North Haven Fair North Haven, CT
Sep 06 Club Mixx 360 Malden, MA
Sep 16 Ziggy’s Winston-Salem, NC
Sep 18 Amos Southend Charlotte, NC
Sep 19 Anderson Civic Center Anderson, SC
Sep 20 Ziggy’s Wilmington, NC
Oct 25 Arizona State Fair Phoenix, AZ

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