Tom Keifer the voice of Cinderella brings his solo band to Las Vegas to perform a mix of classic Cinderella and his own solo music. 

Tom Keifer always draws a good crowd in Las Vegas and tonight is no different, he brings his solo band to the Brooklyn Bowl to showcase his voice and bluesy style.  It is easy to forget how many great songs Cinderella had and how popular they were in their heyday but this show is going to remind you of that right from the beginning.  The band calmly walks to the stage led by Keifer they huddle up and immediately launch into the Cinderella classic “The More Things Change.”  From the very first note it is clear Keifer hasn’t lost any of his vocal ability.  He played a smaller venue in Las Vegas about three years ago, his performance impressed then and it continues to do so tonight.

Keifer sings the songs effortlessly and plays guitar along with the band.  He starts the set with a calm cool demeanor but only continues to get more enthusiastic and energetic as the set continues.  The set is heavily focused on Cinderella and the crowd appreciates that.  They proceed through tracks like “The Last Mile,” “Somebody Save Me,” and “Long Cold Winter.”  Throughout these songs some of his more bluesy originals are peppered in like “The Way Life Goes,” and “It’s Not Enough.”  The blend is effortless and accentuates Keifer and the music, it is hard to say for the casual listener which song is his solo material and which is Cinderella that speaks volumes to him as a performer and songwriter.  The guitars, keyboards and even harmonica blend and create a very full sound.

About three quarters of the way through the set is one of the highlights of the night.  While there is a keyboard player in the band a piano is brought onto the stage for Keifer to play “Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone.”  The phones and lighters light the room as the crowd sings along.  Halfway through the song he abandons the piano and prowls the front of the stage with his microphone extended capturing the crowd singing along.  The song ends and the crowd thinks this can’t get better but they immediately launch into “Nobody’s Fool.”  This song is one of the few times Keifer isn’t playing guitar or piano he just delivers an amazing vocal for both these songs that is filled with emotion.  

The fourteen song set continues with the mix of Cinderella and his solo songs and nothing is left out that the crowd wants to here.  The encore is where it gets interesting again.  Two of the three songs are covers, “Tumbling Dice,” by The Rolling Stones and Beatles classic “With a Little Help From My Friends.”  The later is covered by many but Keifer and his band deliver it flawlessly and make it their own.  It fits beautifully with their style.  The final song is Cinderella’s “Gypsy Road” and the night is over.

Often time too many musicians from this era stick around too long, there are countless videos on YouTube of people’s favorites who just can’t do it anymore.  That is not the case with Keifer and his band.  His performance is amazing and it reminds everyone exactly what they loved about these songs and makes them want more, which is the best possible thing.  The crowd leaves hoping it won’t be another three years before he comes back to town but in any case they were treated to an amazing night of music.

Tom Keifer
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Event Date: 12-JUL-2018

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