The Echelon came out in force as Thirty Seconds To Mars perform at Northerly Island’s Huntington Bank Pavilion.

On a hot summer’s night, there’s nothing better to do than catch live music at Northerly Island’s Huntington Bank Pavilion. Thirty Seconds To Mars put on a show to remember for the packed-out crowd. The eager fans, many of who were waving flags in the air and donning the band’s tattoos, waited in antipation as the large screen lowered, covering the stage, ready for the Leto brothers. As soon Shannon’s first beats of “Monolith” rang out across the Pavilion, the screams went up as did to the screen, giving The Echelon their first glimpse of the band.

Back in April, Jared Leto visited Chicago as part of his cross-country trek from New York to Los Angeles to promote their new album, America. The majority of the night’s setlist pulled from the new album, including the contagious “Walk On Water” as well as their current single “Rescue Me” which is a song about pain, empowerment, faith, and freedom. 

The new material does mark a shift from their rockier back catalog, as well as this being their first tour since Tomo Milicevic’s departure from the band. Regardless of this progression on a new musical path, they still performed earlier songs such as “Kings And Queens,” “The Kill” and “This Is War,” all of which were sure-fire crowd pleasers. 

The Chicago crowd were also in for a treat when Shannon took front and center for his first time singing on stage for his performance of “Remedy.” As Jared commented, this is sure to become more of an occurance in future shows, if not only for the fact that it gives the energetic frontman a five minute breather. 

This must have been the one moment throughout the show the Jared stood still, as he spent the rest of the show running and spinning around every inch of the stage and the projecting walkway. At one point, he even ended up elevated high above the stage with the huge lit up backdrop which illuminated the stage throughout the show, whilst rotating and moving around the duo.

The fans were transfixed with the performance throughout the show, with several of them being giving the opportunity to join the Leto brothers on stage, whether it be to do bad chicken dancing, or to take part in the show’s finale “Closer To The Edge.”

Whilst this was a particularly short set (barely over an hour long) Chicago’s Echelon did not seem to mind as they filtered out looking happily exhausted from dancing and singing their hearts out all night. The last time the boys’ tour came through Illinois was four years ago. Here’s hoping after the welcome greeting they received tonight that it won’t take that them long to return.

The Monolith North American tour continues until July 22 and will wrap up in Phoenix, AZ. Be sure to check out their tour dates here

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Event Date: 15-JUN-2018