The Glorious Sons shook Saint Andrews Hall on their SOS tour, bringing Liily and JJ Wilde along to throw one hell of a party.

The blustery cold of Michigan stopped nobody as fans packed Saint Andrews Hall to the brim for a sold-out show. The Glorious Sons brought two upcoming bands on tour with them, Liily and JJ Wilde, both on their first tour. The venue was already filled before anyone hit the stage.

JJ Wilde started the night off on a bang. This band is as new as you can get, with their first single “Wired” just launched on Spotify on February 1, they had only just formed once the debut record was written. Newness aside, these musicians exude chemistry and charisma as they power through their set. JJ commanded the stage as her vocals packed a perfect blend of harmony and grit. While “Wired” is the only song available online right now, the band showcased the full EP that is now highly anticipated.

Liily came next and hit the crowd like a tornado. It’s shocking that this tour is the young band’s first, they sound and feel like a well oiled, chaotic machine. They blew through songs from their debut album, Toro, never letting up on energy. They were nearly impossible to keep up with, kicking and spinning around the stage at a breakneck pace; knocking over a mic stand or two. Their sound is a wonderful throwback to old school punk with an extra manic twist. Ending their set with literally throwing the drum set, Liily is a band like no other.

After an excruciating wait, the crowd erupted in cheers as The Glorious Sons took the stage and jumped immediately into “White Noise” off their 2013 EP Shapeless Art. This Canadian rock band formed in 2011, and have since exploded on the scene. The band brought on a heavier, grittier feel to their music compared to their radio hits; nobody seemed to mind, the entire crowd sang themselves hoarse and thrashed throughout the entire set. Brett Emmons is a frontman like we’ve never seen. He prowls around the stage, getting in his bandmates’ faces and looking like he’s mentally on another planet. But the moment he opens his mouth to sing, he blows everyone away.

The Glorious Sons played a full set, with a healthy dose of tunes from their debut album The Union‘s “Mama,” “The Union,” and “Sometimes On A Sunday.” But they really let their latest and biggest album Young Beauties and Fools shine with “Godless, Graceless and Young,” “Josie,” and “My Poor Heart.” One of the highlights was when the band broke out into their hit “S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun),” which the crowd screamed along to every word, completely captivated by the band’s musical prowess.

The ballad “Ruby” was followed by the band’s other soaring showstopper “Everything Is Alright” to close out the first part of the sat. Of course, the band continued for an encore, leading the crowd in an electric cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” before ending the night on the highest of notes with their standalone single “Kill The Lights.”

One of the best things about this band is how genuine and catchy they are. Their songs stick in your head in the best way possible, their vibe and melodies are infectious and leave you wanting to hear it all on repeat. They have exploded in popularity based solely on their sheer talent and musicianship. They are an amazing act to see, and it’s fantastic to see them lead their own tour.

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Event Date: 24-FEB-2017

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