Bluegrass folk band The Devil Makes Three hit Saint Andrew’s Hall with Lost Dog Street Band in the second half of the Redemption & Ruin tour.

Lost Dog Street Band opened the night. Casually striding on stage to thunderous applause, Benjamin Tod with his guitar and Ashley Mae with her fiddle gave a humble introduction and started into their first song, leaving their music to speak for them. Lost Dog Street Band formed in the winter of 2010, after Tod and Mae parted ways with their former project, Barefoot Surrender, to craft original music as a duo.

A fan shouted for them to play “Free Bird” to which Mae replied with a smirk, “Do we look like Free Bird type of people?” before continuing with their set. Tod covered the lead vocals, songwriting, guitar, banjo, and the drum while Mae sang harmony and accompanied by her beautiful fiddle that gives the band its signature sound.

Their soulful music draws from stories of hard times on the road, personal tragedy, the power of love, and of course, their dog. They blend traditional country, blues, and folk into a beautifully emotional sound ranging from mournful tones to upbeat jigs that had people dancing together in the crowd.

Their latest album, Rage and Tragedy, is available on Bandcamp.

The nearly sold-out crowd roared with applause as The Devil Makes Three strode onstage. Pete Bernhard (vocals/guitar), Lucia Turino (bass/vocals), and Cooper McBean (guitar/banjo/vocals) took their places in a row and started strait into “Stranger” off their 2013 album, I’m a Stranger Here. The trio is on tour for their latest album, Redemption & Ruin, a cover album that goes much deeper than what you’d expect. The twelve songs are not just favorites of the band; they are songs that influenced the trio before they became The Devil Makes Three, shaping the tastes of each member and influencing what the band is today.

Though typically performing as a three-piece, The Devil Makes Three brought a drummer along for the show, his impressive work adding more depth to their lively sound. The band played an array of songs from their catalog at a breakneck pace. With Bernhard’s twangy voice, Mcbean’s swift banjo work, and Turino’s thumping bass, the kept the energy up with songs such as “Gracefully Facedown,” “River Deep,” “Pray For Rain,” and the rowdy drinking tune, “Old Number 7.” They let their music do almost all of the talking, and nobody minded.

The trio swayed to their music and played off each other perfectly. Their sound is a beautiful union of everything that is blues, ragtime, country, and bluegrass. Fans sang along and danced in the crowd. The Devil Makes Three made sure to include tracks from their latest album, including “The Angel of Death,” “I’m Gonna Get High,” and “Come On Up To the House.”

The energy of the band rose as the night progressed the crowd became more and more animated, joining in happily with the final track before the encore, “Do Wrong Right.” When the encore ended with “Plank” and “Dead Body Moving,” the crowd cheered for more. It was an electric show that left everybody with a smile on their face and dance through the rest of the night.

Redemption & Ruin is available on their website.

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Event Date: 22-Jan-2016

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