Slipknot, Lamb of God, Bullet For My Valentine and Motionless in White brought Summer’s Last Stand Tour to Utah and left nothing in their wake.

Rockstar Energy sponsored “Summer’s Last Stand” tour made a stop at USANA Amphitheater in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 21. This tour brought all sorts of hype and energy behind it as the whole tour was stacked from start to finish with some of the top metal bands in the world.

Motionless in White started the evening off and played a heavy seven-song set that started off with the “X-Files” theme blasting over the P.A. as the band ripped into “Break the Cycle” and followed up by “Devil’s Night” and then finished the set with their popular hit, “Reincarnate.” Unfortunately, I did not get to shoot Motionless in White as the venue did not get the photographers inside in time. I look forward to shooting them on their next tour.

Bullet For My Valentine were the next band up and they had quite the crowd cheering and singing along to their seven song set.  Bullet For My Valentine opened up with “Your Betrayal” and followed up with several of their classics like “Tears Don’t Fall,” “No Way Out” and then ended their amazing set with “Waking the Demon.”

Continuous loud chants from the crowd screaming out “Lamb of God!” lead up to Richmond, Virginia natives them taking the stage. Lamb Of God came out on stage and ripped right into “Walk With Me In Hell” followed up by “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For.” Frontman Randy Blythe did not let up for one minute as he jumped through the air and ran across the stage through the entire set. Lamb Of God brought the crowd to life as they growled and jumped all over the stage throughout their 10 song set which included a three-song encore of “Vigil,” “Laid To Rest” and finished off with their top-selling hit “Redneck.”

Now was the time of the nine to hit the stage and bring their spectacle of a show to the tens of thousands of fans who were there to see them. Just before the curtain was dropped, Van Halen’s hit “Runnin’ with the Devil” was played to get the crowd fired up. As the house lights dropped, “XIX” start to play and a Blue hue lit the stage up.  Moments later the curtain whipped open and SLIPKNOT ripped right into “Sarcastrophy” and got the entire crowd screaming and slam dancing wherever they could.

I could only describe the stage as a giant conglomerate of chaos. I have never seen so many things going on at once as fireballs shot out of the stage, drum sets were being elevated on spinning platforms and the band did not let up for one minute. Corey Taylor’s character “#8” blew me away with his stage presence and his ability to get everyone in the place on their feet screaming along to every song. Slipknot blasted through their 17-song set which included a three-song encore featuring, “sic,” “People = Shit” and “Surfacing”  Slipknot has always been one of the top bands I have ever wanted to take photos of and as I walked away after the show ended, all I could think to myself was, “That was insane!”

There are not many shows left on this tour so if you can go out of your way to see this show you will be blown away.


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