The California-based Christian metal band headlined B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in the heart of Times Square.

The doors opened early with fans of all ages filling up the floor, excited to see Stryper return to NYC for the second time in 2014 in continuing support of their 2013 album, No More Hell to Pay. The band was graciously introduced by radio personality and host of VH1′s That Metal Show, Eddie Trunk, and the crowd went wild waiting the band to hit the stage.

The band started the night off with “God,” their lone original from their album of covers, The Covering. Frontman Michael Sweet, performed flawlessly providing both vocals and guitar. While it may be a hard task for a musician to do double duty as guitarist and vocalist, Michael Sweet executed his performance effortlessly and with ease.

Next up was “Revelation,” from their current release, No More Hell to Pay. The song sounded just as good, if not better, live as it did on the recording. From there the band delved into their catalog of classics, including “Loud And Clear,” “Calling On You,” and the crowd favorite, “More Than a Man.” Halfway through the song, Michael Sweet engaged the audience, saying that they might have forgotten the lyrics. This comedic moment led to some call and response from the crowd, the kind of interactive experience everyone was looking forward to at the show. Stryper has changed their setlist over the course of their tour, and fans are interested to see what will be played when Stryper’s tour invades Brazil in December.

During the show, Michael Sweet took a moment to thank the fans for their support over the years. He stated New York City has a special meaning for the band, referencing the L’Amour Days in the 1980’s when Stryper played numerous shows at the venue, The L’Amour in Brooklyn. Many of the NYC fans still reminisce about the days where performances were intimate and full of raw energy, a simpler time when musicians were much more accessible to their fans. It was clear that the crowd appreciated Sweet’s fond memories as they applauded his statement of gratitude.

Stryper’s performance was full of passion from beginning to end, and the broad range of fans attending fed off the energy Michael, Robert, Tim, and Oz poured into each song. The small venue had the potential to orchestrate the kind of hard-to-find intimate concert audiences crave, and Stryper was the perfect, talented band to provide their audience with the experience of a lifetime.

Michael Sweet: Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar
Robert Sweet: Drums
Oz Fox: Guitar / Vocals
Timothy Gaines: Bass/Vocals

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God (Intro), Revelation, Loud ‘N’ Clear, Reach Out, Calling on You, Free, More Than a Man, No More Hell to Pay, Marching Into Battle, Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas Cover), Shout It Out Loud (KISS Cover), In God We Trust, All For One, Caught in the Middle, Honestly, The Way, Soldiers Under Command, Abyss, To Hell With the Devil, Legacy

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