The Yellow and Black Attack is back, this time in Dallas on the Fallen tour with opening acts Redline Drive and Millennial Reign.

01-July-2016: The Fourth of July weekend kicked off in a big way at Gas Monkey Live on Friday night. The temperature outside was hot, the excitement level inside was boiling over, and the bands were on fire! It was a triple threat that turned into a memorable night for metal lovers.

Gas Monkey Live was completely packed before Redline Drive started the evening. Their set included “I’ll Wait For You,” which has charted recently and was nominated for eight Grammys. Their current single, “Black Soul Woman,” is also in the Top 50 and rising. Look for good things from them in the future.

Next up was Dallas-based power metal band, Millennial Reign. Their tight sound, energizing vocals, and spot-on guitar solos thrilled the crowd. The audience wanted more from them, but their short set meant the headliner was up next.

The overflowing crowd grew even larger as the lights went out in the venue. Under the cover of darkness, Stryper moved onstage and began rocking hard as the lights came up. Wearing all black outfits with their traditional yellow and black instruments, the band received thunderous applause for “Yahweh.”

“You Know What I Can Do” from The Yellow And Black Attack sounded just as good as it did when it came out in 1984. Each of the band members showed tremendous stage presence and provided beautiful harmonies behind Michael Sweet’s vocals on “Always There For You.”

The house went dark again for “God,” but cellphone lights illuminated the stage. As the lights raised, apocryphal images filled the screen behind them.

Stryper @ Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, TX


The metal veterans brought out a couple of songs not in their usual concert rotation and had fun with them. Michael interacted with the crowd and made the audience part of the show. Oz Fox lit up the fretboard and Tim Gaines played an aggressive bass as they jammed to finish.

Michael Sweet hit the skins hard for the next three cover songs. “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest, “Shout It Out Loud” by KISS, and “Heaven And Hell” by Black Sabbath were fan favorites.

“All For One” paid tribute to their metal roots with all three guitarists lined up and playing in sync. “Surrender” had a heavier beat and the headbangers got a chance to whip their hair about.

Michael was still bouncing on his toes during “No More Hell To Pay” and “King Of Kings.” They followed with “Makes Me Wanna Sing” over Facebook Live. The audience cheered like they had just won the World Series for being broadcast live over the Internet.

Driving metal and hard rock made “Soldiers Under Command” another fan fave. As they had all night, they showed their tight cohesion from playing together and finished their 16-song set with a heavy metal jam session.

Every loyal fan stayed as they had not played anything from 1986’s To Hell With The Devil album. After a quick break, they came back out and Michael explained it was on purpose as they will be touring again at the end of the year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their seminal record. And, he added to heavy cheering, they will once again don the yellow and black outfits from yesteryear.

For an encore, they played a medley of hits from To Hell With The Devil, the second of their 11 studio albums. The crowd jumped as Oz and Jim Tim both soloed on “Calling On You.” A long instrumental highlighted their talent during “Free.”

They ended the night with “To Hell With The Devil,” with its hard drum beat finish as the dedicated fans gave them a well-deserved ovation for their two-hour show.

Stryper is an anomaly in the rock world as they are a heavy metal band that is proud to display their Christian ideals. They are also a rarity as they have all the original band members from their beginning 32 years ago. You’ll be hard pressed to name another current band that can claim that.

Over that time, they’ve become adept at putting together a show that gives the fans their hits, allows them to play a couple of deep cuts, and leaves everyone fulfilled at the end of the night. More importantly, they’ve learned how to be rock stars who can still connect with their fans. That’s an art in and of itself.

They are touring through September on the Fallen Tour, then coming back in November for the 30th anniversary of their To Hell With The Devil Tour, dressed in yellow and black.

Special thanks to Brice for his help at the packed Gas Monkey Live.

Joe Guzman of National Rock Review was on hand to record the event.

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