UK rockers The Struts bought their bombastic retro-flavored glam rock to the legendary Fonda Theater in Hollywood.

At 5pm, the faithful begin gathering in front of the Fonda Theater. These are the hardcore fans, who have paid a premium price for a VIP package to see The Struts. Fans of all genders, races, and ages wait semi-patiently. Once inside the venue, the first stop was early access merch shopping, which featured an exclusive t-shirt for that show as well as a lithograph, available both signed and unsigned. The merch table was mandatory, as it was also the place to pick up the first perk; an official Struts scarf.

After picking up their scarves, fans lined up to have a photo taken with the band and then settled in for an acoustic song. Since stools were not available at the Fonda, the group decided to perform in the audience, with the 60 or so VIP fans sitting on the floor in front of them. They performed “Where Did She Go,” leading fans through an intimate, stripped-down singalong version of the anthemic rocker.

Later that night, The Struts headlining set at the Fonda was pure triumph, a band who has honed their skill touring like mad, opening for the likes of the Motley Crue, and Guns n’ Roses, and playing as many festivals as they can in between. They opened their set with “Put Your Hands Up” and singer Luke Spiller looked ever the rockstar in gold sequins and fringe.

The Struts have become synonymous with Spiller, who channels Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, and Tim Curry in equal measure, and oozes an androgynous charm along with sheer watchability. But the other Struts are of equal importance, combining killer chops with pretty faces. In the words of The Knack, “…but the little girls understand.”

The Struts powered through an 11 song set to the absolute adoration of their audience, showcasing their best-known tunes, “Could Have Been Me,” “Kiss This,” and “Put Your Money on Me.”

After “Only a Call Away,” they returned to the stage for an encore, an acoustic version of “She Makes Me Feel,” and then, in a move right out of the rock star handbook, drummer Gethin Davies, the lone Welshman of the group, took a moment to “strut” his stuff on a drum solo. He was soon joined by bassist Jed Elliott who laid down some heavy beats, and then guitarist Adam Slack joined in, showcasing his shredding. Luke came back after his final costume change, sprouting a sequined top hat, and they ended the night with “Where Did She Go,” complete with confetti cannons.

With The Struts, everything is practiced, everything is over the top. It shouldn’t work, but it does. You may be cynically rolling your eyes, but your foot is tapping and damn if you’re not having a great time.

Fellow UK bandThe Hunnaperformed before The Struts and the indie rockers were a revelation. Their set was outstanding, featuring songs off of their debut album 100, such as “Rock My Way,” She’s Casual,” and “Bad for You,” alongside their single, “Bonfire.” Their exuberant performance complemented The Struts, and I am sure they walked away with several new fans. Remember their name; I predict they will be making big waves in 2017.

Canadian band Bleeker opened the show with a high-energy set of bluesy rockers off of their debut album, Erase You.

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Event Date: 03-Nov-2016

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