Stone Temple Pilots lead the charge on the Revolution 3 Tour along with The Cult, Bush, and Julien-K.

Nothing like a sold out show on a hot summer night to bring fans young and old together for a rocking evening.  The Revolution 3 tour has packaged 3 popular bands, Stone Temple Pilots, The Cult, and Bush, who have been putting out great rock and roll for 20+ years.  With each band slated to play an hour-long set, fans are in for a treat tonight.

Julien-K from Long Beach, CA starts the evening off with an engaging, but brief set of electronic rock with some sounds similar to a band like Depeche Mode.  Being that 2 band members, Ryan Shuck (vocals, guitar) and Amir Derakh (guitar) were formerly part of Orgy, that should come as no surprise.  The fans that showed up early got to hear some great music with a pulsating groove.  They closed their set with “Blue Monday” that was a New Order remake hit when in Orgy.  This is a band to be on the lookout for in the future.

With the sun still out, fans are enjoying the weather, some cool refreshments, and anxiously awaiting the next band to take the stage.  Many fans are caught off guard by the early start time and are still arriving when Bush hits the stage to loud applause.  Many fans are lining the wall up front to get close to singer/guitarist Gavin Rossdale.  They waste no time getting the crowd on their feet and moving with the huge radio hit “Machinehead” from their 1994 debut release Sixteen Stone.

Next up is “This is War” from their current release Black and White Rainbows.  Not to let the energy die down, they jump right into “Everything Zen”, another big hit off of Sixteen Stone.  Gavin is a ball of energy, never standing still, and frequently making leaps in the air with his guitar and stalking the whole stage.  This from a guy who is 52 years old, but rocks like he is in his 20s.  The band as a whole never fails to deliver a killer performance, giving it their all to the fans delight.

Their set is full of hits and the audience is loving it.  They run through “The Chemicals Between Us”, “Swallowed”, and “The Sound of Winter”, before playing a cool cover of “Come Together” that has fans singing along.  During “Little Things”, Gavin makes a trek into the crowd to greet fans and has many a heart aflutter as they try to get close.  They close out their rousing set with “Comedown”.

The Cult, fronted by singer Ian Astbury, keeps the momentum rolling with another set loaded with familiar, hit songs.  They get the crowd up and moving with “Wild Flower” and follow that up with “Rain” from their 1985 album Love.  Not feeling the crowd is rocking hard enough, Ian calls them out and the band cranks it up with the hard-hitting song “Rise”.  This song has drummer John Tempesta laying down a thunderous beat and guitarist Billy Duffy tearing through his leads.

A highlight of the set is during “Edie (Ciao Baby)” that showcases Ian’s powerful vocals and shows he still has it.  From here out the band is on fire with one hit after another; “Sweet Soul Sister”, “She Sells Sanctuary”, and “Phoenix”.  They wrap it up with “Fire Woman” and one of their biggest hits, “Love Removal Machine”.

Hard to believe this band has been rocking for over 30 years now.  There were definitely some here tonight that were not familiar with them.   However, after this performance, they surely have captured many new fans.  Here’s to hoping they continue to tour and put out great music.

Tonight’s performance is special for vocalist Jeff Gutt of Stone Temple Pilots.  Jeff grew up in nearby Marine City, MI and many family members are in the audience tonight including his son.  He has paid his dues over the years in several bands but had yet to make it big.  He did gain some fame when he appeared on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor and finished as the runner-up in 2013.  In November 2017 Jeff was named the new lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots and things have been looking up ever since.

The lights dim and the band takes the stage with Jeff raising his hands to the sold out crowd, they respond with deafening cheers.  The opening riffs of “Wicked Garden” have fans cheering even more and they following that up with “Vasoline”.  Robert DeLeo is a treat to watch on the bass as he stalks the stage in a wild, vibrating-like movement while driving the songs with a solid bottom end. His brother Dean gives the songs their unique sound with catchy guitar riffs and distortion.  

Slowing things down with “Big Empty” and “Plush” gives Jeff a chance to show off his vocal chops on these classic tunes.  He is definitely fitting in well with the band and seems to be at ease and settled in.  Changing things up a bit, they play the first of 2 new songs in their set, “Meadow”.  One of their most popular songs, “Interstate Love Song”, has fans singing along and waving their hands.  “Roll Me Under” is the other new song and one of the heaviest in a long time, harkening back to their early days.

Jeff works the stage from front to back and side to side, slithering about with some similar moves to Scott Weiland, but making them his own.  Jeff also frequently steps out on to the speakers in the pit so he can shake hands with the fans up front.  He works the crowd well to keep them engaged; raising the mic stand over his head, striking poses, and signalling to them to cheer. 

They wind down the show with several more of their popular songs, the slower grunge song “Dead & Bloated” from Core, and “Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart” with its catchy guitar hooks.   Saving the best for last, they have the fans in the pavilion bouncing and grooving along to the breakout song “Sex Type Thing” also from Core.  What a great set to close an already awesome evening of rock and roll.

It sure seems like the band has made the right choice with bringing Jeff into the band.  While his voice does justice to the old songs, it is unique enough to give songs a different edge.  A bonus is that Jeff is also a solid songwriter that can bring fresh ideas into the band and propel them forward with new material.  With the new album already getting plenty of airtime on mainstream rock stations, the future looks bright for the band to continue to tour to big crowds with fans old and new.

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