Steven Tyler brought his Out On A Limb tour, in support of his solo album, We’re All Somebody From Somewhere, to Chicago.

13-Aug-2016: The excitement was palpable in the Chicago Theatre on Saturday, as the eager audience awaited the entrance of Steven Tyler. When the larger than life icon took to the stage, the entire venue erupted.

It’s surprising to think that after all of his years in the music industry, his current album is his first solo album. The release was even more surprising to some in that it was a country album. Listening to the audience chatting before the show, you could hear many discuss the fact that they were huge Aerosmith fans, and that they would always attend a Steven Tyler show.

However, there were also some apprehensive comments about his venture into country music. The fact that the new album went straight to No. 1 on the country charts is surely testament that he has more than pulled it off. The moment that the lights went up, and Tyler burst onto the stage; all doubt left the room by the exit door at the back.

Steven Tyler is not the kind of guy to do anything by half. If he is going to go country, he’s going to do it his way and with the best musicians that Nashville has to offer. That he certainly did. His collaboration with Nashville’s Loving Mary is, by far, the best decision he could have made. They are a superbly talented band, who are currently performing their own shows the night after each of the Tyler shows, and they will be growing their fanbase if this performance is any indication.

Marti Frederiksen, the band’s guitarist, has had a long-standing relationship with Tyler and his fellow Aerosmith bandmates, co-writing with them since the 1990s. It must have been nice for him to get to perform one of those songs, “Jaded,” alongside the singer and experience firsthand the reaction it gets.

While the vocal range of Tyler was certainly impressive after all of these years, the audience was also in awe of the notes that bassist, Rebecca Lynn Howard, managed to achieve with angelic clarity. Tyler himself seemed to be blown away by it, and understandably so.

The Aerosmith fans out there, wondering whether to attend these solo shows or wait for the rumored tour with the whole band next year, will not be disappointed with this show in the slightest. Tyler remains one of the most energetic, vibrant and entertaining frontmen performing today. The set list covers both his solo album as well as the Aerosmith classics.

Tyler had the audience captivated for the entire show with all eyes on him, which is an impressive feat considering the caliber of the band sharing the stage with him. He truly has that “born to be a rockstar” quality which is mesmerizing to watch. It’s strange to think this bundle of energy is 68 years old.

Usually, when you attend a show at The Chicago Theatre, the audience might stand for the first song or two at most before sitting to take in the remainder of the show. This was not the case. The audience stood for the entire show and sang and danced along. When it came to Tyler sitting behind the famous white piano to belt out “Dream On”, the entire Theatre sang along with all their hearts, helping him to blast out the iconic song.

The perfect blend of old and new, rock and country. If you were to pigeon-hole this show, it could only go under one category – Steven Tyler. A superstar frontman and talented musician. He knows how to put on a show and entertain, and entertain he did.

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