Steel Panther rocked the Plaza Live on a hot Florida night, with plenty of hairspray on hand and offensiveness to spare.

As the venue, Plaza Live in Orlando filled up pre-show, there were long lines at the bars as ‘Fanthers’ (fans of Steel Panther) mingled and met new friends and saw old friends from years ago. The show had a line around the building waiting to get in still at this time.
This sold-out show was set up to be a hot one inside the concert hall. There was at least a 10-degree difference between the hall and the front auditorium area, where most of the bars and merch were located. Just an example of how Steel Panther is always bringing the ‘heat’ to their shows. Female attendees dressed in sexy rock gear, reminiscent of the best of the 80’s, with lots of skin showing and teased hair. Male attendees getting warm with so much to look at while awaiting the band to take the stage.
The band, Steel Panther, comprised of stellar musicians, each have a role, playing their sleazy 80’s hair metal characters to the “T”, is a show not to be missed live. Starr, presenting a sexy lead singer swagger, Satchel, flirting with all of the women with gestures of all kinds, Lexi, his mirror and hairspray always close at hand for preening on stage, & Stix driving it all home with the beats. This group catapults the audience back to the 80’s, that “decade of decadence” we loved so well.
Touring is one of the most important things a band does to increase popularity as well as their fan base. On this tour, Steel Panther is, celebrating everything the Sunset Strip was in the 80s, through their music. They include the cover songs they most liked to perform while a local L.A. Cali band but also play the favorites the audience comes to hear, “Death To All But Metal” and “17 Girls in a Row”, which gets all the ladies close to the stage running up on to the stage to take part in the fun. Boyfriends and husbands alike will pick their ladies up and drop them over the front barrier just to see them up dancing with the band. This is one band that asks that you show up with an open mind and a great sense of humor. Some find their brand of humor offensive but this is the point and audiences eat it up.
The band is touring now just prior to a new album release, which is being greatly anticipated by their fans. But, there was a slight “hiccup” in the recording studio, as we have heard. Apparently, the new album was deleted, accidentally after most of it was complete and being uploaded to the sound cloud. Singer, Starr, has been quoted saying, “…I’m not lying…”. Publicity stunt or not? We have yet to know – we will let the fans decide. Fanthers around the world will be waiting and so will we.

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Event Date: 17-Aug-2018