At their home-town gig, Stags set fire to The Old Blue Last in London to showcase their new single, Through The Looking Glass.

Stags is a rare species in our modern world of rock music. In a world flooded with hype and passing fads, they are one of the few bands that will keep you coming back for more.

Stags consist of members Chris Finney (vocals, guitar), Alessio Pesaresi (lead guitar), Oisin Walsh (bass), and George Vallack (drums). These four men, hailing from three different homelands (UK, Italy, and Denmark), pack out The Old Blue Last in London during their recent UK tour. With them in support is Seattle’s fuzz-infused rockers, Fox and the Law.

Showcasing their new single Through the Looking Glass released under The Secret Warehouse of Sound, Stags drench the stage in their riff-driven heavy blues, laden with 70s rock and 90s grunge influences. Their live performances are a poetic dichotomy – equal parts masterful musicianship and rampage.

After belting out crowd favourite “Just Like You,“ Finney pauses to introduce “Sun Bleached Baby.” Inspired by a real life Lola encounter, he admitted, “This is a song about the most beautiful girl I ever met… who happened to be a man.” The story begins with intimate Zeppelin-esque vocals accompanied by bluesy guitar tones that tease and lure the audience into a heavy-hitting chorus. It unfolds into a garage rock head-banging frenzy without a single still body in sight.

Stags – Just Like You (Official Music Video)

With such raw and addictive performances, it’s no surprise they’ll be playing alongside the likes of Black Label Society, UFO, and Saxon later this year. Hunt down these fellas at a venue near you, and there’s no doubt you’ll be coming back for greedy seconds.

Eric Duvet was behind the lens for the night.

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