Local boys South Bend Silverhunks warm up a chilly evening in Mishawaka with their brand of “schmooze rock.”

Somewhere between The Cramps and Richard Cheese you’ll find the musical stylings of the South Bend Silverhunks. Enveloping audiences with smooth grooves and cheeky onstage antics, the Silverhunks are more than capable of settling their fans in for an evening of shenanigans in the purest sense of the word.

Sort of named after a defunct local minor league baseball team, they are far from a cover band one would usually find at any given sports bar. Outfitted in dress shirts and ties, the guys in this band are looking for more of a swanky romantic vibe while enabling you to engage in every conceivable vice in the slickest way possible.

The South Bend Silverhunks spring from other local bands such as Virgin Mobile Meth Lab and Negative Nancy. With the area of South Bend, IN being a relatively small city, it is not uncommon for one band to spring another or for any given musician to be in a few bands at the same time. Sometimes those incestuous antics can leave the local music scene stale. People get tired of the same kind of sound featuring musical chair musicians pretending that their new band isn’t the same old crap they were doing in their old band that they supposedly grew out of.

The interesting difference with SBSH is they bring a certain level of class and savoir faire with a dash of camp. Self classified as schmooze rock and dirt lounge, the band have made somewhat of an art out of being crass and classy, or shall we say crassy? It seems to be the only true word to describe their aesthetic.  Being genuine with their audience while on and off stage sets these guys apart while making you look forward to their next gig before the one you’ve attended is even over.

If the aforementioned bands mixed in with a bit of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Beck along with a hint of Jim Morrison doing an Elvis impersonation have a certain appeal, keep the South Bend Silverhunks in mind should they lube their way into your town with their slippery sensibilities.

Set List: Kiss You Everywhere, ‘Til the Drugs Wear Off, The Enabler, Best Times I Ever Had, King of Bullshit, Do You Want To Run With the Devil, She Said

South Bend Silverhunks
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