Sons of Texas wows Glasgow with their hard and heavy rocking set whilst opening for Seether on their latest UK tour

Hailing from McCallum, Texas this hard-rocking outfit arrives in Scotland this evening as part of their current UK jaunt with Seether.

Sons Of Texas open their set with “The Vestryman” giving those in attendance a bit of a wake-up and a shakeup early on in the evening. Instantly you can see and hear how tight the band are. Singer Mark Morales strides confidently around the stage, highly energetic and shaking his head while growling into the mic. Bassist Nick Villarreal also shows his confidence and that he likes to move around, much to the delight of the Glasgow crowd who are loving every moment of their set. The band showcase their melodic heavy metal licks with “Blameshift”, which is one of the highlights of the set.

Another highlight is the solid hard rocking groove of “Feed the Need”. The Villarreal Brothers, Bassist Nick and drummer Mike provide hard-rocking rhythms right here, with solid bass grooves and thunderous drumming respectively. The guitar duo of Jon Olivares and Jes De Hoyos are sublime and this is a tune which has the audience clapping along much to the delightful grin from Morales.

Things become more mellow (just slightly) with the more commercial sounding “Beneath The Riverbed” from their fantastic second and latest album Forged By Fortitude. Morales uses an equipment case as a pedestal here while singing into his mic. The band end their 30 minute set with the lively hard rocking and slightly bluesy “Texas Trim”. This really shows the band’s diversity and has Morales again jumping off cases and monitors throughout. Another one of the highlights from their small but mighty and highly charged set.

Sons of Texas came as a support band but made sure they made hundreds of new friends in Glasgow tonight. I’m sure it won’t be long before the band are able to return to Glasgow and the UK respectively for their own headline tour. Several hundred Concert goers in Glasgow will vouch for that; here’s hoping. They may be Sons of Texas, but tonight the band have been adopted as Sons of Glasgow!

Sons Of Texas
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Event Date: 17-Oct-2017

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