The show must go on. Sometimes, though, the reason is to remember a friend that is sadly gone. SNOT is going out with a gun blazing funk fury.

The legendary punk/funk/rock band SNOT has once again come together to play damn good music. They will be performing their classic Get Some album in its entirety. SNOT in this incarnation is Mikey Doling (guitars), John “Tumor” Fahnestock (bass), Jamie Miller (drums), Sonny Mayo (guitar), and Carl Bensley (vocals). This five piece from Santa Barbara, CA made the announcement of a world tour in September of 2014 and was in good form when they hit Frankie’s Inner City in Toledo, OH on Dec 10, 2014.

I hope you’re ready cause we have a ton of massive energy to bring to you. SNOT is something special to us. ~ Mikey Doling

SNOT was originally formed in 1995 with Lynn Strait on vocals. After gaining notoriety for their stage show and live music SNOT released their first and only LP in 1997 entitled, Get Some. After the Geffen Records back album dropped, the guys played with bands such as the Deftones and Sevendust, while also making the 1998 Ozzfest one to remember. Tragically, on Dec 11, 1998, Strait was killed in a car accident and the remaining members went their separate creative ways.

The set list was pretty simple: 01. “Snot,” 02. “Stoopid,” 03. “Joy Ride,” 04. “The Box,” 05. “Snooze Button,” 06. “313,” 07. “Get Some,” 08. “Deadfall,” 09. “I Jus’ Lie,” 10. “Get Some O’ Deez,” 11. “Unplugged,” 12. “Tecato,” 13. “Mr. Brett,” 14. “Get Some Keez,” 15. “My Balls”

“Absent” was the final song to be played on the night. The stage show was high energy, and everyone looked to be having fun being back under the lights together again. For the hardcore fans and those just catching onto the SNOT-head experience, it was a show worth seeing. SNOT is bringing along a great line-up in support of their tour schedule too.

Another five piece band, this time out of Wilmington, NC, He Is Legend, got the crowd ready for SNOT. The group came into being in 2003 and is on Tragic Hero Records label. The band is: Adam Tanbouz (guitar), Matt Williams (bass), Sam Huff (drums, percussion), Schuylar Croom (vocals), and Denis Desloge (guitar). Having taken their name from Richard Matheson’s vampire horror classic I Am Legend, the band’s post hardcore sound does anything but suck. They are currently touring in support of their latest release, Heavy Fruit.

In support as well was Thira. Another five piece, this Minneapolis, MN outfit formed in 2010, and doesn’t fit all of their sound into the small industrial groove metal title they’ve been given. Thira is: Kayden (vocals), Pearce (vocals), Pif (guitar, aux percussion, programming), Coz (bass), and Digg (drums). With a dual vocal attack, steampunk inspired looks, and seemingly undrainable energy on stage, this band of merry misfits will give you everything you hoped for and more in a live show. Currently, they are in support of their first release, Vein I: Varying States of Decay. Listen to it for free on the band’s website.

While Lydia Can’t Breathe (LCB) may not be as well known as SNOT or He Is Legend, they are a hidden gem on this tour. With a sense of humor in a Pyschostick vein and a theme that changes every tour, the guys in the band give a good twist on some old favorites in pop culture. On this tour the guys play in Ghostbuster regalia complete with a crowd loving surprise during their set. If you happened to skip dinner before the show, the guys have you covered. If they can find the peanut butter that is.

Their set list for this show was: 01. “Bomber,” 02. “Bomber II,” 03. “Block,” 04. “High Noon,” 05. “Checkhov,” 06. “Reign”

LCB, is Kyle Bolduc (vocals, guitar), Josh Runfeldt (drums), Dan Wilson (guitar), and Shawn Gorree (bass) venturing out of Melbourne, FL. While still touring in support of their second full length studio album Time, hopefully we will see new material from them in 2015.

Local area bands Tropic Bombs, Wearebrothers, and Paying for the Priceless (PftP) all opened for SNOT on the F**k the Record & F**k the People 2014 US Tour for this stop.

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