Brent Smith and Zach Myers of Shinedown aka Smith & Myers played three sold-out shows at The Machine Shop in Flint, Mi as part of their Songs for the Soul An Intimate Acoustic Evening Tour.

Tuesday, December 19th marked the second of three sold-out shows for Shinedown’s Brent Smith and Zach Myers aka Smith & Myers at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. In all my years of attending and reviewing shows, I have yet to encounter a more humble and thankful group of artists.

Opening with a cover of Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun, the night featured jams from musicians lost over the course of the year, modern classics, all of which was intermingled with classic Shinedown tracks.
Their ability to sell out three nights in the small populous of Flint, Michigan, lays tribute to their loyal fan base and more importantly the quality of this acoustic gig. The sound was crystal clear and the vocals bang on as they lead into “Save Me” and “The Crow & The Butterfly”.

There were many references to the band’s southern roots, the first of which started with a tribute to Otis Reading’s “(Sittin on) The Dock of the Bay” and continued straight through the night capping off with Randy Travis’ “Forever & Ever, Amen”. Each and every time, the crowd sang along in perfect harmony, showcasing that their choice of covers was much more far-reaching.

The craziness continued as Zach led the female audience members in an acapella singalong of renditions of the boy/girl band hits “I’ll Make Love to You”,  “Poison”,  “I Want it That Way”,  “Tearin’ Up My Heart” and “Waterfalls”. Trying to prove to his partner Mr Smith the musical diversity of their fan base. I really would have liked to see Brent respond with some hardcore lyrics from AC/DC or GnR to involve the male members of the crowd in this portion of the show.

Another highlight was the return of opening act members JR Moore and Zack Mack to the stage. Opening with the Tom Petty hits “Breakdown” and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”, the set included Prince’s “Little Red Corvette”, and The Eagles “Tak’in It Easy”. Later in the show, they would return for an all-out guitar jam of Phil Collin’s “In the Air Tonight”.

Personally, the cover song of the night belonged to Brent Smith and his vocal range as he belted out Adele’s “Someone Like You”. A song that has clearly grown on him and whose lyrics have a deep personal meaning.

The tour has finished for the holiday season and picks back up on January 4th,2018 at The Majestic in Madison, Wisconsin. As a further teaser, Brent Smith was quick to point out that there will also be a new Shinedown release coming in 2018 as well.

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Event Date: 19-DEC-2017