Minneapolis-based Sleep Signals is on the Focus on the Lines tour, supporting their new full-length release, Open Your Eyes.

Blending alternative rock and elements of arena rock with post-hardcore, Sleep Signals put on a high energy and visually stunning performance in St. Louis. Backlit with vertical, mulit-colored light bars and using light boxes at the front of the stage lent a dramatic aura to their set. This stunning display was punctuated by the animated Paul Kreuger’s powerful vocals, which spanned from the occasional gutteral scream to soaring highs.

Although only two years old and with two new members on bass and drums, Sleep Signals performance was that of a much more established band, promising a steady rise in popularity and recognition. They seem destined to make an easy transition to larger stages and venues in the near future.

Sleep Signals released their independent debut album, Open Your Eyes, in February 2015. You can find it on iTunes.

Sleep Signals
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Website | Facebook | Twitter