Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown co-headline tour perform in front of its first sold-out show at the Covelli Centre.

It has been almost a year since Breaking Benjamin returned from their long awaited hiatus. Following the long wait, the band has picked up right where it was when they left by co-headlining a sold out Covelli Centre in Youngstown, Ohio. With a brand spanking new lineup full of outstanding talent, Breaking Benjamin seems to be stronger than ever.

The roars came from the crowd once Benjamin Burnley took the stage. Their set started with the band’s breakthrough hit, “So Cold.” The track is off their second album, We Are Not Alone, and is the song that brought the band into the mainstream. Burnley engaged his fans and had them singing along with him every step of the way.

Breaking Benjamin is out now supporting their newest album, Dark Before Dawn, from which they played three songs; “Failure,” “Angles Fall,” and “Ashes of Eden.” While the line-up has changed, that Breaking Benjamin sound we all grew to love is still there.

Just before Breaking Benjamin was to finish their set, Burnley noticed a fan near the front on the floor passed out. He immediately took action pointing her out to security, requested staff to bring her water, and asked for fans to please give the young woman room as she lay on the floor. Burnley coordinated the crowed to back away from the barricade so emergency crews could have a clear lane to her. The emergency crew got to her easily and lifting her out while the woman held horns in the air! Burnley, in acting decisively, helped this fan in her time of need and demonstrated how rock stars should behave.

Once “Diary Of Jane” kicked in, everyone began to scream the lyrics. The song is one of the bands biggest hits and the crowds reaction to it was incredible. Breaking Benjamin is a can-not-miss band. If you have the chance to see them, you better get your ticket fast.

Shinedown had the curtain drop to the sounds of their new hit single, “Cut The Cord.” The sold out Covelli Centre screamed the lyrics right back at lead singer Brent Smith. That continued throughout the night as it seemed no one was sitting as everyone was throwing horns in the air and banging heads. Pyrotechnics went off at the perfect times to keep the energy up in the venue.

The band continued their set playing fan favorites such as “Fly From The Inside,” “Diamond Eyes,” and “Bully.” Leading up to the end of their set, the crew came out with a cake to celebrate guitarist Zach Myers 32nd birthday. All 8,000+ fans sang “Happy Birthday” at the top of their lungs; there is no better way to spend a birthday than in front of a thousands of fans. As “Sound of Madness” began to play, the crowd went berserk. Everyone began to jump knowing it was the last song. The fans got exactly what they paid for and couldn’t have asked for a better show.

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