New York hard core bruisers Sheer Terror were ugly and proud at their 30th anniversary bash in Brooklyn, NY.

Sheer Terror has been synonymous with New York hard core to many fans since they formed in 1984. They broke up in 1998, and reunited in 2004 to play a few farewell shows. In 2010, the band reformed announcing they were writing new material. After a few lineup changes, Sheer Terror released their first full length in 18 years titled Standing Up For Falling Down in November 2014.

The first two supporting bands, Vice, and Caught in a Trap, stayed true to old school hardcore roots with heavy guitars, screaming vocals, and the bass and drums holding down a fast and tight low end. Both bands were aggressive and loud. Although, it looked like they weren’t used to the size of the stage or venue, they both held their own and set the tone for the night.

Vice is a DIY hardcore/punk band formed in 2010 out of Staten Island, NY, supporting their latest record No One Gets Buried With You released November 2014.

Caught in a Trap formed in 2005, and hail from Queens/Brooklyn, NY, and are supporting their latest album Good Night New York released February 2014.

Panzer Bastard is a hard rock/crust-metal band from Boston forming in 2006. Their stage presence and showmanship were like a seasoned arena act. The singer/bassist, Keith Bennett, was like Lemmy from Motorhead and James Hetfield wrapped into one with his gritty vocals and driving bass lines. Panzer Bastard are supporting their latest album (with Tenebrae) titled Sons Of Belial released in 2014.

Boston Hard Core legends Slapshot were non-stop aggression with singer/front-man Jack “Choke” Kelly moving back and forth across the stage like a hockey player looking for someone to cross-check. Guitarist Craig Silverman, bassist Ryan Packer, and drummer Benny Grotto played full throttle getting the crowd to mosh in a traditional circle pit. Choke mentioned Slapshot will be celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2015 as they support their latest full length self-titled record Slapshot released September 2014.

Slapshot opened their set with: No Friend Of Mine, I’ve Had Enough, Watch Me Bleed, and No Time Left. Choke mentioned they had just completed filming their first video for their next song, “I Told You So,” and it would be available for viewing on their Facebook page some time in January 2015. They continued their set with: Back On The Map, Go Hard, Kill It With Fire, Hang Up Your Boots, What’s At Stake, Shaved for Battle, Old Time Hardcore, Silence, Nothing At All, Chunks (Last Rights) Fire Walker, Chip On My Shoulder, and Step On It.

The Rev. Paul Bearer of Sheer Terror started off the night warning the crowd he would be doing his usual banter, which he did between most songs. Paul’s talking was offset by the old school high energy put out by guitarist Mike De Lorenzo, bassist Jason Carter, and drummer Anthony Corallo.

Sheer Terror’s set included: Here To Stay/Spoiler, Don’t Hate Me, Heartburn, Love Songs, Close My Eyes, Three Year Bitch, Heresy, Ain’t Alright, Broken, Twisted And Turning, Not Waving Drowning, Did You Just Meet Me, Roses/Walls, Burning Time, Mr. Jiggs, Rome Song, Ashes/Joe/Just Can’t Hate Enough, Boy’s Don’t Cry, and Bulldog.

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