Set It Off brings the Midnight World Tour to Las Vegas with support from Super Whatevr and With Confidence.

Set It Off brings their Midnight World Tour to Vinyl and the crowd is packing into the smaller venue to see it. Also unique is that this show is more of an all ages show which really accommodates the fan base. The night begins with Super Whatevr. They are highly energetic and engaging, especially frontman Skyler McKee. Their sound is catchy and uptempo, but the message of the songs is deeper than the catchy music. This creates a sound that is pretty individual to them and the crowd seems to really go for this.

With Confidence a pop-punk band from Australia is up next. Their casual feel and appearance is in contrast to the intensity of their performance; they come out with no fuss, this is who they are and they are going to deliver an intense set. Opening with “That Something” and “Keeper,” the crowd really gets going. The screams keep getting louder as their set continues until they close with “Voldemort.” The set is fun and energetic and it does an excellent job in getting the crowd ready for Set It Off.

After a short set change a video backdrop begins to play counting down the arrival of Set It Off to the stage. This four piece rock band is unique and they have developed a large following through YouTube and touring including spots on Warped Tour. While they are out in support of their new album Midnight, they treat the crowd to an extensive catalog. They open with “Lonely Dance,” “Uncontainable,” and “Criminal Minds.” The crowd knows every word and they are singing along at top volume. They are a straight up rock band, but they take a unique perspective to their music and show in a variety of ways. This is clear right in the beginning when they mashup their song with an N’Sync hit, to the absolute delight of the crowd. This mashup remix style is revisited later in the set during the drum solo from Maxx Danziger, blending drums with pop hits and pop culture references like “Baby Shark.”

This is opening night of the tour and this stage can barely contain the band. Cody Carson is everywhere and in the crowd during the second song. This is not the only time he enters the crowd tonight, but this early interaction with the fans gets the excitement building. Zach DeWall and Dan Clermont are matching his intensity and also getting as close to the fans as possible.
As the night goes on Carson and Clermont bring out the saxophone and trumpet, respectively, which gives them a fun twist from the everyday rock band. There is more crowd surfing by Carson, and the crowd is pushing in trying to get closer to the action. The overall feel is intense, rock and all around fun.

Ten songs are played then the drum solo with mashups from Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, and Halsey, to name a few, followed by five more songs and a two song encore. Songs like “Upside Down,” “Bad Guy,” “Dancing with the Devil,” and “Midnight Thoughts” are some of the crowd favorites. They close with “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” which is the perfect end to the night.
Night one of the tour is in the books and it is a show that shouldn’t be missed. When it comes through your town, get there early if you want a spot on the railing and don’t leave.

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Event Date: 15-FEB-2019

About The Author

A Las Vegas based photographer, I enjoy shooting a variety of things but my primary focus is Travel, Music, Nature and Wildlife. My goal through my projects including Music, Event and Animal photography is to capture the candid moments that tell the story. They are singular moment of time, my goal is to take the viewer back to that point and the memories. I discovered photography is my passion. This allows me to incorporate my long standing love of music and travel into this art form. For me live music and concerts are who I am, and concerts and travel often went hand in hand. Now photography has brought these all together for me in a new and exciting way.