The masters of Brazilian thrash metal come to rumble the Windy City in celebration of three decades of worldwide success.

When one thinks of pioneers and innovators that have helped progress the realm of Heavy Metal, Brazilian Thrash Metal outfit, Sepultura, must enter the conversation. The band has now amassed 30 years of ripping riffs and jungle percussion to stand on, as well as three generations of loyal fanfare to act as the lifeblood who swarm in attendance at their shows.

Their Chicago performance included tracks ranging from their Cavalera era with “Arise” from Arise (1991) to more modern smashes like “Convicted in Life” from Dante XXI (2006) and finally their new single, “Sepultura Under My Skin,” the latter being a song issuing gratitude to the devoted Sepultura fans.

Providing direct support for the tour was German thrash kings, Destruction. The band made sure to jam-pack their 40-minute set with all of their great monster hits such as, “Curse the Gods,” and the always crowd pleasing, “Nailed to the Cross.” Fists and sweat ran rampant.

Also providing support to the tour was USA’s prog-thrashers, Arsis. Arsis continues to tour in support of their 2013 LP, Unwelcome, with leadman James Malone’s signature chops at the helm. Their touring lineup also had the addition of Michael Leon (Havok, The Absence) thumping and grooving away on bass in good form. The lineup jelled well and the band performed with tight-knit precision. We look forward to seeing what comes next.

Sticking out as the sore thumb on the tour was Australia’s deathcore group, Boris the Blade. The five-man band certainly came to play the role of young metalcore band what with the sports jerseys, oblique hair styles, and port-hole ear gauges. Unfortunately, their ensemble fell on deaf ears. Lead vocalist Daniel Sharp made great efforts to engage the crowd and came out swinging with all the mic cupping, tongue flapping, and running amok around the venue – his jumping from the mezzanine stairwell on to the bar was not received well. While there was no pit to be had, it was not for a lack of effort from the band.

Finally, opening the night was Wisconsin’s own Micawber. They have just released their second LP, The Gods of Outer Hell. Their blast beats, demonic vocals, and gloomy melodic riffs coalesce to create a fresh new death metal band from the heart of the Midwest. Be on the lookout for their performance at Full Terror Assault Open Air this September at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois.

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