Hard rock band September Mourning brings their Summer Soul Collection tour to Westland with support from Circle the Crown and Resistance.

The evening starts off with some hard rocking sets by 2 local Michigan bands.  Resistance is up first and is led by the energetic Lisa Stephens who never stops moving while belting out soaring vocals.  She commands the stage and likes to engage with the audience, regularly providing great photo opportunities with her moves and poses.  Chris Holt (drums) and Jeff Sneary (bass) provide the driving rhythm that propels the songs.  Billy Gray displays his magic on the fretboard as he rips through many fast-paced leads, while also laying down hook-laden riffs throughout the songs.  They are a regular on the local scene and worth checking out if you get a chance.

Next up is Circle the Crown, a relatively new band playing just their second show.  However, this is a band that is comprised of veterans of local Detroit bands and they play like they have been together for years.  They are led by the mysterious Jezter (vocals) who is quite intimidating the way he stalks the stage, contorts his body, not to mention his unique face painting.   Jason Caine is a phenom on the lead guitar as he shreds at lightning speed and runs and jumps all over the stage.  Many of the fans tonight are well aware of Jason’s skills from his days in Bloodline Riot.  Not to be outdone, drummer Rob Tamagne pounds the skins with precision while Brian Sasanas provides the bass grooves.

Circle the Crown tears through a 7-song set that has the local fans wanting more.   One of the standout songs of their set is “Dirty Martini Swing”, a catchy song with a funky, bluesy rhythm.  It is apparent they are enjoying themselves as much as their friends and fans based on the smiles on their faces.  This reviewer like many of the fans can’t wait to hear some more new music and see what else the future holds for them.

September Mourning from Los Angeles, CA hits the stage with the Reapers appearing one by one.  The anxious crowd responds with loud cheers and applause.   As with past shows, the show is centered around lead vocalist September.  Dressed in her all-white outfit, platform boots, and face makeup with black lipstick she is a sight to behold as she stalks the stage.  On top of that, she regularly whips her long hair around and utilizes the platforms at the front of the stage.  At one point she drops to her knees with some black roses and drops them one by one.  One big difference on this tour is the use of animated video between songs that ties the songs together with the supporting comic books.

As a whole, the production is quite theatrical in nature with dark lighting, smoke/fog, and stage moves and props that align with the songs.  On several occasions throughout the set, Riven (guitar) and Wraith (bass) also join September to augment the songs.  Set off to the side and dimly lit with only some occasional backlighting, Stitch stealthily hammers away at the drums.  When the light does land on him it reveals a gruesome looking mask, adding further to the allure of September Mourning’s live performance.

September Mourning kicks off with “Eye of the Storm” from their 2016 album, Volume II.  The remainder of their set consists of songs from the same album including “Superhuman”, “Stand By Me”, “Heart Can Hold”, “Angels to Dust”, “Skin and Bones”, “Til You See Heaven”, “Children of Fate”, and “20 Below”.   This is a talented band whose music and visuals make for an awesome live performance.

The crowd tonight is a mix of long-time fans and brand-new ones whose souls have been captured.  The fans tonight love the performance and September Mourning appreciates them for coming out.  They can only hope their heroes come back soon.

Their current tour has come to end, but they will be back on the road this summer starting July 8 in Flagstaff, AZ.

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