Seether rocks Fremont Street as part of the free Summer Concert Series.

The One Louder Summer Concert Series on Fremont Street keeps getting better. On Saturday night the crowd were treated to Seether and the band’s fans were out in force to witness their return to Las Vegas.

John Humphry, Dale Stewart and Shaun Morgan take the stage joined by Clint Lowery who is touring with them and launch right into their set. It has been about two years since they played Las Vegas and about three since they did one of these free shows here.

Shaun stands in the middle of the stage wearing one shoe and one bare foot and he sings out all the classic Seether songs beginning with “Gasoline” and moving through the catalogue to include all the favorites like “Country Song,” “Fake It,” and “Fine Again.”

There is very little banter with the crowd which is not uncommon for a Seether show. But, the songs are all delivered with an intensity fans have come to expect culminating with “Broken”, arguably their most commercially successful song that captivates the crowd with the emotion it is delivered with and an intense rendition of “Remedy” which closes out the set.

To be able to see a band of this caliber in a small setting for free is an amazing opportunity and the fans have come out in force. Arguably this is the largest crowd for a rock show this summer, which is made more impressive due to the number of other events in town including a major boxing match which Morgan referenced and actually spoiled the result for the crowd. While this was one of the only things he said to the crowd all night, the fans were not disappointed in the spoiler especially since he used it to dedicate the next song.

Lowery and Stewart run around the stage alternating sides while Morgan commands the center of the stage. The set delivered most of what the crowd wanted to hear, with a band like this, there are so many songs that could be covered it is easy to say sure I wish they played songs like “Breakdown,” but you couldn’t be disappointed with what they played.

The summer is winding down and so are the free concerts. With only two more to go the rock fans of Vegas will be disappointed to see these shows end, but the final two are big with Collective Soul and Chevelle, but Seether was one of those that people marked on their calendar as soon as it was announced and they did not disappoint the fans.

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Event Date: 26-Aug-2017

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