Fans pack into the legendary Saint Andrews Hall to get themselves a “Zapp” of rocker Scott Stapp, as he makes a stop on the Michigan map… right here in the Motor City.

Tonight we find Saint Andrews Hall packed to the brim with fans of all ages, many sporting “Creed” and “Scott Stapp” memorabilia in celebration of this evening’s rock n’ roll event.  The crowd is anxious to catch the first performances of Scott’s newest material, from his soon to be released Space Between the Shadows on Napalm records, due out on July 12th, as well as all of the Creed classics fans know and love.  Saint Andrews stage has been set with the implements of a post apocalyptic “Mad Max” sequel:  fog canons, laser blasters, rotating turrets, strewn about the scene, waiting for the warriors to arrive and claim their instruments.

9:30pm, and a preemptive blast from a fog canon catches the audience off guard and brings all eyes center stage as a seasoned team of musicians take up their positions beneath a massive tapestry emblazoned with a new version of the Scott Stapp logo.  Stapp follows closely behind, emerging from the shadows dressed in all black, sporting a new ‘do, and looking very much like a young and healthy Johnny Cash of yester-year. He approaches the crowd with arms outstretched, sporting a humble smile and dripping with that charisma he is known for: “Detroit…it’s good to be back!” Without hesitation team Stapp launches into the night’s event as the familiar back-beat of the Creed tune “Bullets” pours over the crowd. Stapp commands the stage as he mounts a nearby riser and strikes the first “Stappian” power pose of the night. It is well received as an animated crowd takes the first blast of the singers booming and earthy vocals.

Next up, “Slow Suicide,” followed by another Stapp original “World I Used To Know,” are both heavy with a grinding groove that has dual guitarists Yiannis Papadopoulis and Ben Flanders working hard to deliver.  Scott brings things back to ground-zero as Papadopoulis plays the intro riff to Creed’s mega-hit “My Own Prison.” The crowd is electrified as Scott’s energy fills the venue, the fans begin to sing in unison with Scott, filling the hall with heavy metal sing-a-long. Bassist Sammy Hudson and drummer Dango Cellan keep the rhythm section tight and in the pocket with their ode to the original. The band transitions seamlessly into the Creed track “What If,” and the energies are near explosive as Scott blasts out the songs powerful vocal lines while striking another signature “rock-god” power stance. “Face Of The Sun” keeps the heavy and crunchy vibe rolling, with Flanders and Papadopolouis firing off some tasty chops throughout the piece.

The night presses on with the Creed track “Overcome,” the Stapp original “Name,” and one of the night’s many highlights: the Creed multi-platinum track “With Arms Wide Open.” Crowd, staff, and photographers alike sing along as Scott navigates us through one of the most musical memories of the 90’s. “Gone To Soon,” followed by the Creed track “Higher” keeps the audience alive and feeling good. Stapp then performs his newest single “Purpose For Pain,” from his upcoming album. The track is well received and many in attendance already knew the words, and accompanied Scott through the infectious chorus line. More than an hour into the night,  Stapp graciously thanks Detroit in an impish rouse of an ending… but we know better! Team Stapp returns to the stage to deliver a blistering encore of the Creed tracks “One Last Breath,” and a powerful and emotional version of “My Sacrifice.” The last notes ring out, the band stands united center stage before a completely satisfied and roaring crowd. Scott extends hands of gratitude as the lights drop and the night draws to an end.

Scott Stapp comes as a highly recommended and energetic concert experience that will satisfy your craving for classic Creed, along with Scott’s hard and edgy newer material. Catch them on tour now in support of his newest release Space Between The Shadows, due out July 12th, 2019. Band details and concerts dates can be found at the Scott Stapp official website.

Scott Stapp
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Event Date: 27-JUN-2019