The Latin Rock group brought spice and soul to the dark and misty amphitheater, playing hits, covers, and rarities for a nearly three-hour set.

We live in a time where the avid music fan can still catch a glimpse of some of the finest acts make up the sonic landscape of the 20th century. Various groups have lasted for three, four, or even five decades still take to the road to please several generations of adoring fans. And whereas, in many cases, the concertgoer must take an aging rocker’s performance with a grain of salt, for the vitality of the 1960’s has long since left, Santana stands to prove the spirit triumphs over the wheel of time.

It is a rare spectacle to find a headlining act that requires no opening band; no warm up whatsoever. When the clock struck 7:30 PM on a windy and damp Saturday night, the curtain opened and the band took to the stage with a bolero of energy as, “Soul Sacrifice” fired into the air in waves. The same song blew the minds of those who first experienced Carlos Santana at Woodstock in 1969 continued to resonate today just as it did 46 years ago. And the guitar virtuoso himself shows no sign of performing any differently as time goes on.

The concert had all of the finest ingredients to make for a highly enriched experience. The band played off the “Greatest Hits” catalog with tracks such as, “Black Magic Woman,” “Smooth,” and “Evil Ways.” While the triumphant, “Oye Como Va” played, a video slideshow comprised of footage documenting the now near 50 years of Santana’s career played, celebrating the 10-time Grammy Award-winning musician.

Carlos Santana also took a moment to introduce his son, Salvador Santana, as he played some of his offspring’s Hip Hop styled pieces. The next generation blood proved to excel quite well behind a keyboard with a harmonizing spirit that hearkens back to the skills of a dear father.

The only breaks in the performance came in lovely benedictions from Carlos Santana to the crowd – often wishing everyone health, comfort, and an overall joyous existence on this Earth. Though not all sentiments came from the flowery heart. Santana also made sure to touch on the sociopolitical issue of immigration into the United States by informing US presidential hopeful Donald Trump he can, “Kiss [Santana’s] ass.” The previous notion fell on roaring applause.

To top it off, the large ensemble included a few covers into their set such as, “Tequila,” by The Champs as well as a colossal rendition of The Beatles’, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

By the end of the two-hour-and-forty-five-minute set, a sweaty and smiling Santana exited the stage and joyous crowd left the venue to find the rain had ceased.

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