Saint Motel kept the audience dancing with a high energy set of hits and new songs during a stop at the Belasco in LA.

It’s been two years since Saint Motel hit it big with My Type, and now, the follow-up album that fans have been anxiously awaiting is nearly here with Saint Motel off on a headlining tour of the US to build momentum for the October release.

Los Angeles was the second stop on the Saintmotelevision tour, and the band was in prime shape as they ripped through an hour-long set that included all the hits, introduced new material, and touched on the early fan favorites as well.

Saint Motel is a dynamic live band, and A/J Jackson is an electrifying frontman. They started their hometown gig with a three-song mini-set including both “My Type,” and “Cold Cold Man” from Mariachi Los Toros, the band behind the mariachi versions of the My Type EP. A/J eventually joining them onstage for vocals.

Then it was time for the real show, which opened with “Local Long Distance Relationship (LA2NY),” from the upcoming album, before launching into one of their biggest hits, “Cold Cold Man.” They managed to get away with playing most of the new album without any lag in energy from the audience; the crowd danced to everything, regardless if it was familiar. A/J even got the crowd to sing along to “Sweet Talk,” even though most of them had never heard it before.

There were huge drums, poppy keyboards, massive bass, and even the occasional rumba beat alongside their trademark horn section. The new songs sounded fantastic; “For Elise” in particular was a standout song. If it isn’t a huge hit at some point, there is no rock and roll justice in the world.

The band saved “My Type” for the encore followed by two new songs, “Destroyer,” and “Born Again,” during which A/J jumped on top of his keyboard/television set before diving into the audience. They closed the show with “Butch,” a rare tune off of their 2009 EP ForPlay.

Indie rockers Jr Jr (formerly known as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.) and Weathers opened the show.

Saintmotelevision will be released on October 21 on Elektra Records.

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