Robert Randolph and the Family Band bring the most epic of evenings to the Plaza Theatre and the Central Florida fans of the Orlando Metropolitan area.

The name Robert Randolph is synonymous with the word talent. Boasting a guest appearance resume that includes studio performances alongside Carols Santana, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John, his unique tone is highly sought after across the music industry. 
Largely known as an accomplished funk and blues player, Randolph enters the musical arena, armed with a very unique instrument: the lap pedal steel guitar.  An instrument that requires the use of hands, arms, knees and feet… a relentless and unforgiving beast that very few master let alone declare legendary status.  Robert Randolph has done just that, and together with the Family Band, has moulded a unique, funky and powerfully upbeat sound, that is most certainly both creative and unique. 
The band, currently on tour in support of their fifth studio album, Got Soul, consists of multiple Randolph family members, including drummer Marcus Randolph, bassist Ray Ray Randolph, and vocalist Lenesha Randolph.  
Shortly after 9 pm, the stage of the Plaza Theater of Orlando Florida is brought to life as the lights raise revealing the family band selecting their designated instruments.  Robert Randolph humbly walks onstage and engages his fans with a cheerful wave.  Together, they begin a set list that covers more than a dozen songs, including some classic cover tune surprises. 
Throughout the night’s performance, studio versions were frequently transformed into impromptu “mini-jams”, with both Randolph and his band members alternating solo moments, highlighting the group’s individual talents.  The fans in attendance could not stand still, dancing and gyrating as the Family Band pressed on through the evening. 
Randolph leads his crew through note splitting versions of the Sam and Dave cover “I Thank You,” and The Band’s classic “Up on Cripple Creek.”  The concert’s highlight featured Randolph trading instruments with all members of his band, demonstrating his multi-faceted talents by providing impressive bass and drum solos.  Family Band members were also treated… to a few moments behind Robert’s station, taking a turn striking notes on his monstrous lap pedal guitar.  The crowd roared in excitement with each rotation and continued to gain momentum as this jam session progressed for nearly ten minutes. 
Returning to the setlist, Randolph strikes several familiar notes as the crowd quickly recognizes the power hit “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With It.” His masterful use of the wah pedal created a brightly unique tone that when combined with his lap pedal steel guitar, tipped many hats to a Hendrix like performance. Randolph plays a majority of his evening from the seated position, behind his steel guitar, but did take several opportunities to stand and engage his fans.  At one point he even turns upside down in his chair and entices the crowd to participate in a type of synchronized aerobics as he did scissor kicks and windmill claps. 
Randolph succeeded in prompting fans of all ages to demonstrate their fancy footwork, dancing anywhere the venue would allow.  Randolph and The Family Band kept the throttle down the entire evening and delivered a solid funk, rock, and blues show all in one.  Undeniably, the greatest ingredient of this evening’s performance was a double shot of homegrown soul. 
Robert Randolph and The Family Band is a concert goer’s experience that comes with high recommendations, and one that will leave you dancing in your shoes.

Robert Randolph and The Family Band
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Event Date: 04-OCT-2017

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