Rob Zombie rocks Sylvania with his horror influenced rock and metal with support from Kaleido.

Kaleido gets the outdoor crowd warmed up quickly with a rousing set that kicks off with the title track from their Unbreakable album.  With lots of room to work with on the stage, Christina Chriss sporting her usual bright pink hair wastes no time getting in plenty of kicks and jumps right out of the gate.  She commands the audience with her stage presence and singing, as well as taking the time to interact with the crowd.

Their set is heavy on material from their latest release, Experience, including “Blue Collar Delight”, “No More Little Miss Nice Bitch”, “Trouble in Paradise”, and their single “Die Tryin’”.  Christina asks the crowd if they have an appetite before launching into a killer cover of “My Michelle” by Guns N’ Roses.  Guitarists Ronnie Rosolino and Zach Bolling, along with bassist Cody Morales and drummer Joe Fava absolutely tear it up on that song.  Christina introduces the band and each member throws in a small solo to great applause from the audience.  They close out their set with “On One” and “My Rock & Roll”.  Judging from the crowd reaction tonight, I believe they have many more fans after this great live performance.

This is a band on a mission and everything is falling into place.  Kaleido recently completed a tour with Seether that helped to expand their growing fan base.  They also won the Loudwire Battle Royale Video Countdown for five straight weeks and were entered into their hall of fame. This band is a lot of fun to see live. 

Anticipation for the headliner grows as the sun sets and fans jockey for position along the barrier in front of the stage.  After a quick set change, Rob Zombie takes the stage and the crowd erupts.  They launch right into “Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown”.  The stage set consists of three platforms across the front that are illuminated with changing light displays throughout the evening with drummer Ginger Fish on a riser toward the rear.  Behind the band are video displays that show animation, messages, strippers, and various movie clips, especially horror movies, that augment each song.  Rob makes extensive use of the platforms as he leaps from one to another while throwing in leg kicks and thrashing his dreads and fringed jacket around like a wild man.

Guitarist John 5 is a phenom on the guitar, including a shredding solo that leads right into “Thunder Kiss ‘65”.  It seems that he plays a different guitar on just about every song including a LED illuminated one early in the show, a werewolf themed one, as well as one that looks like a lava lamp with neon green liquid inside the body that he plays during “More Human Than Human”.  Bassist Piggy D. gets in on the action with a custom Dracula themed bass guitar to go along with his mask and winged jacket.

The setlist tonight spans many of his releases including fan favorites like “Superbeast”, “Living Dead Girl”, “Never Gonna Stop”, and “Dragula”, as well as a few covers including “Blitzkrieg Bop” by The Ramones and “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper.  Several of the songs come from the latest release The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser.

A Rob Zombie concert is a sensory overload that never fails to disappoint and this show was no different.  A giant robot even makes an appearance during “Meet the Creeper”.  He continues to push the boundaries to keep hard rock and metal fresh and give the fans their money’s worth at each show.  With only a few shows left on this tour, Rob says they will begin working on their next release soon.  These fans will surely be looking forward to it and yet another crazy live show.

Rob Zombie
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Website | Facebook | Twitter

Event Date: 09-JUL-2017