For the third and final day of Riot Fest 2017 there were The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Pennywise, Prophets Of Rage and many, many more.

Day three of Riot Fest and the crowds kept on coming to close out the festival. A little bit of rain didn’t deter the fans and they eagerly flocked to their stage of choice. 

That dog. released their Retreat From The Sun album back in 1997 shortly before they disbanded. Having reformed in 2011, the band celebrated the 20th anniversary of their last release by performing it in its entirety. Noticing two very excited fans at the front who were holding a sign stating that they had waited 20 years for this, singer Anna Waronker nervously said she hoped they weren’t disappointed. Looking at the sheer excitement on their faces, they did not leave disappointed at all.

Say Anything‘s singer Max Bemis’ grin did not budge during their set on the Radicals Stage, clearly enjoying every moment of it. The audience were lapping up every moment of it, with many crowd-surfing their way to the front. The stage was almost not big enough to contain guitarist Kenny Bridges as he leapt all over the stage, including off the kick-drum.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones celebrated the 20th anniversary of their album Let’s Face It by performing it for the Riot Fest crowd. As Ben Carr danced around, so too did the audience. The dancing and singing along stepped up a notch when they played their huge hit “The Impression That I Get”. All donning their signature plaid, this set was every bit as fun as you would expect from these legends.

Back to the Radicals Stage where The Menzingers put on an impassioned performance. Seemingly lapping up every moment of the set, they looked like they were all having fun. As too, were the audience who were screaming the words to all the songs along with the band. Their eagerly awaited fifth album, After The Party, was released in February of this year.

Chicago’s own Cap’n Jazz returned to the stage just a few months ago, their first shows in seven years, following a brief resurgence after their previous 15-year hiatus. Singer Tim Kinsella’s energetic performance kept the security crew on their toes as he frequently leapt from the high stage, over the barriers, and into the crowd. 

Pennywise always pulls a crowd to their Chicago shows and this was no exception. Their hour-long set crammed in as many fan favorites as possible. They also dedicated “Broken” to the late Chester Bennington before closing out the set with “Bro Hymm”.

TV on the Radio performed a captivating set on the Rise Stage as the evening sessions began to draw in. Tunde Adebimpe’s voice and emotive performance held the expansive’s crowds’ attention from the first note to the very last. As the sun set on the final day of the festival, they enjoyed the change of pace for this set.

It was time for the highly anticipated Prophets of Rage to take to the Roots Stage. The supergroup’s first ever album was released on the first day of the festival, but they only performed “Living On The 110” and “Hail To The Chief” from it. The rest of the set consisted of numerous songs from the various band member’s previous bands. To name just a few, they included Rage Against The Machine’s “Take The Power Back” and “Bullet In The Head”, Audioslave’s “Cochise”, Public Enemy’s “Prophet’s of Rage” and Cypress Hill’s “Jump Around”. Hometown boy Tom Morello will always receive a warm welcome in Chicago, and tonight was no exception. An hour wasn’t long enough for this group who are gaining a lot of attention, so here’s hoping they announce their own tour soon, now that they have finally released their album.

Paramore closed out the festival on the Radicals Stage, with singer Hayley Williams proving she’s every bit the performer. After The Laughter is their fifth album which came out in May. At points, it felt like the enthusiastic crowd could not be contained as their excitement bubbled over. Williams’ endless energy had her jumping around the stage and high-kicking, all the while singing her heart out. Starting the set with the opening track off the new album “Hard Times”, quickly followed by their hit “Ignorance” and the set was off to a roaring start. Paramore is a tight performing band and Williams is an entertaining and engaging frontwoman. Many dates on their current tour have sold out already, so be sure to check on ticket availability in your area.

With the end of Riot Fest 2017, thoughts now turn to who will be part of next year’s line-up….

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