Negative zero temperatures didn’t keep die hard metal fans from the Rail on a Monday night for legendary Raven.

Raven is one of the bands associated with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). Founded by brothers John and Mark Gallagher in 1974, they are still going strong. Bringing their mix of speed and thrash metal to Fort Wayne to a small but appreciative crowd, they played like it was a packed house. Their energetic and lively performance was loud and fast.  The small crowd pumped their fists and sang along with songs, but most notably, “Rock Until You Drop,” as the band gave it their all from the stage.

Night Demon from Ventura, CA is touring with Raven. Their hard driving metal is reminiscent of NWOBHM, which is likely why they were picked to accompany Raven on this specific tour. The sounds of both bands fit nicely together. While this three-piece is much younger, they very much have the sound of early 80’s metal.  They will be releasing their new debut LP, Curse of the Damned, in January 2015.

Demonwolf is a local fixture of the metal scene in Fort Wayne. They boast great vocals, driving bass lines, thunderous drums, and amazing guitar work. With influences such as Metal Church, Dio, Black Sabbath, and King Diamond, these boys can whip the crowd into a headbanging fury with seemingly little effort. Early next year, Demonwolf will be releasing a new three-song EP, and they are spending most of December writing for a full CD project. Next year holds a few small tours, new merchandise, and lots of metal mayhem for the boys of Demonwolf.

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Night Demon
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