Queens of the Stone Age take over The Forum Saturday night with Royal Blood at their side.

The pride of Palm Desert, Queens of the Stone Age, make their return to The Forum in Inglewood, CA to a sold-out show. The energy was palpable as fans quickly fill the arena to see what the band has in store. For tonight’s show, they turn in a performance fit for kings.

First up for the night is UK based Royal Blood. This high octane duo waste no time blowing the lid off The Forum with heavy guitar-laden riffs. Mike Kerr is a beast to watch as he flies around the stage handling triple duties between lead vocals/ guitars/ keyboards. The connection between him and drummer Ben Thatcher is an awesome thing to watch as they jam together flawlessly. The well-oiled Brighton garage rockers leave the stage with fans chanting raucously. 

Starland Vocal Band’s groove “Afternoon Delight” plays over the loudspeaker, helping to set the mood for an arena filled with thousands of thoroughly pre-gamed fans. 

Finally, each the members of QOTSA effortlessly saunter to their places under silhouette with a coolness that on his best day even James Dean couldn’t touch. The spotlight goes up on guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen as the slow pulsating grooves of “If I had a Tail” overtake us.

If people were expecting to see an out of control Homme, it was clear that tonight they would be disappointed. From the first note, he is on hip-shaking fire. He addresses the fans with a self-deprecating half-grin, “It’s good to be back at The Forum. Already much better than last time I was here”. 

The band hit us early on with several tracks off their newest Mark Ronson produced album entitled Villans. “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” and “You Can’t Quit Me Baby” challenge even the saltiest of listeners to try and not shake their asses to the funky, discoey beat. A challenge that much of the sold-out arena lost miserably from the get-go.

Another highlight is “I Appear Missing” off of the 2013 album …Like Clockwork. Van Leeuwen’s guitars trail hauntingly behind Homme’s tormented voice as it goes beautifully in and out of vibrato. Jon Theodore’s drums lead us relentlessly as the song builds into a chaotic pit of feedback.

They close out the night with a sultry version of “Little Sister” and crowd favorite “Go With the Flow.”

Producer Mark Ronson joins the band on keys for the five-song encore that starts with a deeply introspective version of “The Vampire of Time and Memory.” Next up, fans are sent into an awestruck hush by a perfectly executed cover of Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, followed directly with a funked out rendition of “Un-Born Again”. 

The night closes with a huge crowd favorite “A Song For the Dead”. Driving guitars, ripping drums, destroyed stage, blown eardrums, and bodies flying through the crowd is the only way to describe this showstopper of a closing number that leaves the crowd begging for more.

There’s plenty of chances to catch QOTSA. For upcoming show dates check here.

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Event Date: 17-FEB-2018