Things you never think you’ll ever hear, such as listening to Slayer played on kazoos and being able to tell what song. Yep, it’s Psychostick.

Wednesday nights are not a typical large crowd night at Frankie’s Inner City in early fall, unless of course you mention the fact that Psychostick is headlining that famous little stage. The boys from Chicago made it a great night for the more then enthusiastic crowd. Helping them to make it a high energy show were local bands.

Forbidden Outcome is a four-piece metal outfit from Toledo, Ohio formed in 2011. The band consists of Mark (vocals), Jeremy (guitar), Jayson (drums), and John (bassist). Having just recently finished up their second Quarry Fest, the guys are out to play more local and regional shows. It goes to show that music is a passion before it can be a business. Mark almost wasn’t able to make the show for his day job. Even making a split second decision of the “Ham” song were made in good humor. National Rock Review recently did an interview with Forbidden Outcome.

Next up on the billing was Cross My Heart. Another local area band specializing in alternative rock/punk/pop rock made up of Brandon Raker (guitar), Ben Vasko (vocals), Jarik Van Loocke (drums), Patrick O’Brien (bass), and Stephen Pollauf (guitar). They are finishing the recording of their debut album, What We’re Made Of, that is set to be released January 2016. The fun and trust that each of the guys has for one another is apparent. And, it’s nice to see the band add something to their show with forward thought even if it’s just LED remote controlled light strings around the amp cabinets.

KNOCKOUT by Cross My Heart – Official Lyric Video

With the crowd already getting primed for the headliners in Psychostick, PftP added fuel to the flame with their much more polished stage presence and local fan base as well. No longer fresh-faced rookies, Jeffrey Oliver (vocals), Kauveh Aynafshar (guitar), Brian Catti (guitar), Dan Bedell (bass), and Justin Eckhart (drums) make up this fog-loving five-piece. Touring in support of their debut album, Built with Love from a Fantasy, the band did that and more. They even had a few guests on stage and the harmonica solo was the stuff of legends… it was okay. PftP is another band National Rock Review will keep an eye on for sure for big things to come.

Paying for the priceless

Having just come back from the other side of the pond, the guys in Psychostick returned to a familiar stage with great fanfare. The Chicago natives, Rawrb (vocals), The J (guitars), Schmalex (drums), and Matty J “Moose” (bass), decided that having a week off before a show in Virginia was lame and for beardless men. Still touring in support of their latest release, IV: Revenge of the Vengeance, the band played many from it and some other classic tunes with topics of sandwiches, beer, and boobs. Let us know if you see them on their current tour schedule. Hand them umbrellas for their van and make sure to buy from one of the best merch tables in the game. Yes, Matty, let me tell them, some of the shirts will be gone after this tour.

See the National Rock Review piece on their latest CD. And check out a recent interview with guitarist The J.

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