Michigan-based metal act Pop Evil make a splash with fans in the Lone Star State.

The weather was perfect, and the mood was about to unravel as dedicated fans packed the House of Blues to see the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based metal band, Pop Evil. They opened with the song, “Deal with the Devil,” from their 2013 Onyx album. It was an easy opening to plunge into their most heartfelt and passionate songs for which the crowd had patiently waited.

“Torn to Pieces” had the crowd engaged and all eyes on frontman Leigh Kakaty as they related to the lyrics of the Pop Evil material. Kakaty connected with fans, encouraging them to sing along. He has his good looks and smooth charm as he fired up the fans song after song.

The electrified crowd stomped with the beat to “Footsteps” from Up (2014) as the band played the chorus singing, “Go higher, go higher.” It was easy to feel the vibration through the floor coupled with the palpable electric vibe within the venue.

The band hammered through other hits, like “Boss Daughter” and “LUX” for their rabid fans; the house was alive to the shouts and screams for eager fans.

Dave Fuelling and Nick Grahs were in sync with each other, and in seemliness harmony, they balanced each other perfectly. Matt DiRito and his signature long and nicely groomed hair nailed his bass lines one by one, aggressively hitting each note mainly using his Spector bass guitar. The way DiRito swings his hair back and forth in a rhythmic fashion while playing is fascinating to watch.

Kakaty commands his audience who hang on his every word. Their energy, stage presence, and talent are easy to see. His fans clearly caught up in the moment, are full of smiles and cheers as they sway to the music and bounce with the beat.

Fan favorites in the setlist included “Torn to Pieces,” “Boss’s Daughter’s,” “Trenches,” “Take it All,” and “Footsteps.”

The audience was fired up, understanding and relating to the fierce hardships and divisions of life described in the lyrics. They sang along in earnest, displaying a passion for Pop Evil and their message.

In the end, no matter what type of music you want to classify Pop Evil, alt-metal, post-grunge, or just rock n’ roll, this is a band known for their musical vision, one that leaves an imprint on the hearts of their fans, a loyal group obsessed with their music heroes. Yes, Pop Evil is an addicting artist, one that is hard to put down.

With the stage brightly lit at the end of the show, Leigh introduced the newest member of the band, Hayley Cramer, their drummer from the UK. She is a talented and experienced musician who has opened for bands like Disturbed and Rob Zombie. Cramer impressed fans with a short drum solo following her introduction. With her British accent and her vibrant personality, the crowd eagerly accepted her.

Pop Evil has grown since their youth. Their incredible performances fire up their fans with their zeal for playing shows you wish would never end. Another album is brewing for this spring, one that may even be their best one yet.

Pop Evil
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Event Date: 18-Jan-2017